Simmons Curv 2" Topper-Gel or Standard-5 Sizes

Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions that you have.


Does this come with a cover for the topper?

No cover on these. I put it under my mattress protector.

I think I have to buy another one. I purchased one a year ago and it was very nice, but now it’s discolored, smells like my chef-husband’s work, and collapses under his weight leaving me to either restrain myself or keep rolling into him.

Is it gel or not? It list both standard foam and gel foam and also has pictures of both.

It’s the Gel Memory Foam.

But yeah, it’s kinda confusing so I’ve sent an email to get it cleaned up. Sorry about that.

Who comes up with these MSRPs?
May as well put MSRP 1399.00$ Because these don’t sell for 389.00