Simmons Curv™ 3" Gel Memory Foam Topper

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Simmons Curv? 3" Gel Memory Foam Topper
Price: $59.99 - 119.99
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Condition: New


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Buyer beware. I bought one of these the last time Woot had them on sale. The one I received calculated to be only 2.2 lbs density. Not anywhere near the 3.5 lb density they claim to be selling. If you know anything about gel foam, you know that density is the most important factor. And 2.2 lb density will not support crap. Oh sure, it will feel great to someone who never laid on one before. But for the experienced gel foam sleeper, it just won’t do the job.

I’m really sorry to hear that your mattress pad was not up to snuff. How did you calculate the density?

I believe this is the formula: Weight of Topper divided by [(L x W x H -in inches)/1728].

Or you can use this calculator to get the cubic feet: and divide the weight of the topper by the result.

^^ Flugerbill is exactly right.
Having had problems in the past with misrepresented densities of gel foam toppers, I weighed the topper before I even unrolled it. It weighed 18 lbs. Its size (59x79x3), divided by 1728 yields 8.1 cubic ft. Thus 18/8.1 equates to 2.2 lbs density. Typically, you can equate density with firmness. A low density foam will be softer and a higher density foam will be more firm. I immediately returned the topper and received a full refund from Woot.

So, I asked this during a previous Woot, and the vendor rep didn’t answer - does anyone know if these would work as replacement mattresses for a pop-up camper?

Well, that’s a subjective question. It will not provide the support of a mattress. It is a topper. If you like a thin mattress where you feel the base, I guess it’s ok.

Can this be cut down to fit an RV queen that is 74" long?

Yes. Use something straight to guide you and a very sharp blade. I used to use an electric knife.