Simmons Curv™ 3" Gel Memory Foam Topper

Looking for replacement mattresses for a pop-up camper. Seems like these would work - has anyone tried it?

What is the density of this mattress?

The mattress topper is manufactured from open cell gel memory foam. This allows for increased air flow through the topper and leads to a more temperature neutral sleep. It would help with your issues.

Yes, this would help to soften it up.

The mattress I have kills my hips. Would this provide better support?

Are they guaranteed to be 3.5 lb density? It appears you’re overstating the density factor. Using your size and weight specs for a queen, it calculates to slightly over 3 lb density. I bought one that claimed to be 3 lb density but when you calculate the density, it came out to only 2.6 lbs and it was worthless for support.

Does the material contain latex? Allergy question.

Yes, this item would help with the support.

There is no latex in this item.

does this come with a cover?

No cover, the foam could be placed directly under your fitted sheet.

Does this topper work with an adjustable bed?

Yes, this can be used with an adjustable bed.


Received. Sending it back. Not even going to unroll it. This thing only weighs 18 lbs. So for a queen size (59"x79"x3"/8.09 ft^3), that calculates to only 2.2 lbs density. A far cry from the 3.5 pounds they claim it is.