Simmons Curv™ 3" Gel Memory Foam Topper

If anybody has used this…pls share how this stays on top of the mattress and how do you prevent it from slipping off?

Slipping and shifting isn’t an issue. These are weighty and somewhat clingy. Mine doesn’t shift or move at all. Actually, moving it around when I rotate it takes a bit of effort (king size).

These are wonderful. Just place it on your bed, it’s heavy, and it stays there. You’ll get your best sleep ever!

Cheaper at Wayfair and a few others- Wayfair has free shipping.

[MOD: Pls check prices again]

You need to check again. Woot queen 89.99 wayfair queen 138.39. So compare the size. In this case, size does matter.

If I add 3" of height to my mattress, my bed sheet won’t fit. It’s super tight now as it is.

I purchased one of these from a previous Woot (Jan 14th last year) and while I really love it and it’s very comfortable, it hasn’t held up well.

Not sure I’d purchase one again. Many of the raised parts of the eggcrate have all broken off and there are large tears throughout the middle of the thing. This is just from the occasional act of taking it off the mattress to either flip or clean the mattress off.

Basically, very comfortable but not durable. I’m on the fence about recommending it and really on the fence about buying any for the other bedrooms.

For @caliguy I don’t have any issues with it coming off the mattress at all. It stays in place quite well.

@billthegunowner I have a very deep mattress and this on top of it. I use these sheets and they are plenty deep enough. In fact, they are almost too deep.

[MOD: Sorry for the problems. Make sure to check your warranty. Note that this is a flat mattress pad though.]

Yes, I had to switch to deep pocket sheets when I added a foam topper to my previous mattress. Sooooo worth it though.

The IROC wasn’t introduced until 1985. C’mon Woot! Get some old dudes in the writing staff!

I bought this last year from Woot and I think it maybe the best buy I have made from here. Soooooo worth it!

For those of you who bought this, was there any bad odor? I bought GEL/foam pillows from Costco and couldn’t stand them even after leaving outside for 24hrs.

Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.


This topper is manufactured with CertiPur- US certified memory foam and it has very little odor. The combination of open cell memory foam and the CertiPur-US blend will allow any smell to dissipate quickly.

I’ve got a 10 year old Queen size mattress and boxspring. The mattress has gotten soft and is not very comfortable. Will the mattress topper help me get a couple of more years of use before I have to replace the whole thing?

We already have a foam mattress, Tempur-pedic in fact (no gel), less than 2 years old. It’s a medium softness and I still don’t find it comfy enough for side sleep. Pain in the shoulder usually. Do you guys think this topper would help?

My experience is that this shifts at least a little EVERY DAY (or night). After several days, if you do not keep yanking it back, it will be 5" out of kilter on a queen-sized mattress. (I find this product to be annoying as all git out, for SEVERAL reasons.)

Does it generates heat or is it cool ?

The topper is manufactured with open cell memory foam. This combined with the natural cooling properties of Gel allow more air flow through the foam. The increased air flow allows heat to dissipate for a more temperature neutral, comfortable sleep experience.

What’s the density of this topper?