Simmons Curv™ 3" Gel Memory Foam Topper

We’ve sold these in the past- does anyone have any comments about them? I was in the market for a mattress pad a few weeks ago, but when I saw the prices at Bed Bath and Beyond I said no way.

This offer seems much more reasonable, but since I can’t touch the item before buying it, I’d love to hear from people who already own one.

Help plz?

These things are amazing but just a heads up, having sex is more of a challenge.
The analogy I use is running on the street is a good workout but running in sand is more difficult.
These things will make a turd of a bed really comfy but a man’s love life will be “running in the sand.”
(Still worth getting)

Have had the twin version for several years on a fold out couch sofa. Invaluable and makes it extremely comfortable. Has held up well over several years, but clearly is not something that will hold up over a decade (degrades). The gel is MUCH cooler than regular memory foam. Normally I find Woot to sell worthless garbage at poor prices. This is a big exception: go to Amazon, Overstock, etc and you can’t get 3" of memory foam for anywhere close to this price; usually they ‘cut’ it with other crap foam layers.

If it wasn’t for the foam
But the foam keeps getting thicker
And it just keeps getting harder
And I’m falling
Into a deep

Ended up being a great buy. Solid 3" topper, smell was minimal. Will probably get another one when I see them again.