Simmons Curv 4" Reversible Gel Topper-5 Sizes

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Simmons Curv 4" Reversible Gel Topper-5 Sizes
Price: $59.99 - 109.99
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There are tons of comments Here on the 3" offer that woot previously sold.

Check out some of the reasons why we all need a good nights sleep from and

Does it come in other sizes?

In for 1. Need for school, better nights sleep and all.

Hi All,

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend!

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions.


Available in 5 sizes.

Twin, full, queen, king and cal king.

I’ve got to twin XL beds so I am considering buying one king and cutting in half. Is that feasible? If so, what would work best to cut it?

This is cheaper than the last time the 3" model was offered here, and I bought that time. My review: Will not magically transport you to a cartoon land of Nod, but does improve sleep for both myself and the missus.

But then again, maybe the extra inch will do the magic thing…

Can anyone speak to actually how effective the “cooling” is on this? I tend to be a hot sleeper, and if this helps in any significant way, I am in for one!

Yes, you can cut these.

Take a long, straight edge (like a 2x4).
Grab a sharp knife… You could use cooking spray to lubricate.
Cut along the edge… It will cut like a loaf of bread.

I bought a 3 inch flat gel topper for my bed during a previous sale and have been waiting for these to show up again so I could buy one for my daughter’s bed which has a cheap mattress. We have a non foam type topper purchased from I**a on her bed, but it slides around all over the place and I wanted to replace it. I love mine! I have a really good mattress on my bed but it was too firm. The gel topper made it just right!

I went to the store and see what it was . Put a name brand name on it and sell it for more , for me not worth the money . If you like to waste your money ,go ahead and buy one then flush your money down the drain .

Does this come with a removable/washable cover?

No, it doesn’t come with a cover. I put my memory foam topper under my mattress pad to protect it.

Thanks! In for one.

We originally tried using normal foam years ago and I overheated quickly. These things keep me reasonably cool (although I doubt any cooler than going without a pad).

Is this product compatible with a heated mattress cover?

Yes, it can be used with a heated mattress cover.