Simmons Curv 4in Reversible Gel Topper-5 Sizes

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Simmons Curv 4in Reversible Gel Topper-5 Sizes
Price: $59.99 - 109.99
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1/13/2014 - $59.99 - 109.99 - 54 comment(s)


There are tons of comments Here on the 3" offer that woot previously sold.

Bought one of these back in January. It’s defintley comfortable and has transformed an otherwise unforgiving mattress. On the downside, it’s already falling apart. Big rips have formed across it. Perhaps this is normal wear and tear for something you lie on for 8 hours a day, but it’s disappointing non the less.

The O helps us with a gel foam topper buying guide

I’ll wait for more comments about this item before I buy; I am in desperate need for a new topper though.

I purchased this month’s ago and ended up taking it to the goodwill. It was very u comfortable. I purchased the non egg crate version last year for my ski condominium and it is wonderful. When the non egg version comes back on I’ll purchase it for home as well.

What makes the non-sculpted better than the sculpted? Is it just a firmness issue?

Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.

The non sculpted is a solid piece of foam, and the sculpted is convoluted.

The cost on the sculpted topper is less than a slab of foam.

Will this help make a bed cool? Son is in a non airconditioned dorm, and we’re looking for solutions.

I bought one of these quite awhile ago. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and was still waking up sore on my memory foam mattress. It took awhile to get used to sleeping on the egg crate side but now I sleep very well and it has decreased the pressure points and my soreness in the morning. If you don’t like the egg crate side you can always turn it over. It is very heat sensitive and is much softer on a hot night than a cold one. The gel foam is also somewhat cooler than the memory foam mattress. No tears on the topper yet.

It makes a difference, but not extraordinarily so. I live in the humid south and it’s made things more comfortable for sure. Don’t expect a miracle. I’ve also switched to bamboo sheets which some how always feel light and cool.

i bought one of the sculpted ones in january as well, and mine is falling apart also. chunks of it have broken off. would not recommend

Firmness is a big part but the sculpted also had trouble staying in one spot. When laying on the sculpted I could feel the sculpting. I will definitely purchase another non-sculpted but never a sculpted.

Did you use a mattress pad over it? I’ve had mine for nearly a year with no problems.

I have a RV King size bed, which is 4" shorter than a standard King size. Can this be trimmed to fit my mattress?

In case cousineaud doesn’t reply I’m almost sure that on a previous sale of this item that he said it could be trimmed. You may want to look back at that.

Yes, it can be trimmed.

  1. Get a long, straight edge… Like a 2x4
  2. Sharp knife or electric knife… Blade can be lubricated with cooking spray.
  3. The foam will cut like a loaf of bread.