Simmons Curv Gel or Foam Topper with Cover-5 Sizes

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Simmons Curv Gel or Foam Topper with Cover-5 Sizes
Price: $54.99 - 109.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days (Tuesday, Jun 24 to Wednesday, Jun 25) + transit
Condition: New


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Learn a little about Curv Gel

Does anybody know if either of these can be cut easily to make it shorter? Then I could fit one in my trailer!

Seriously not sure, but it seems like you could use an electric knife to make a nice cut, as I used to use that when doing upholstery. I don’t think anything is gonna leak out…LOL

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Yes, Gel Foam, my relative was able to cut it nicely without any problems

I’ve read (on Woot comments, I think) that it’s best to not use a cover on gel pads in order to let them “breathe” and cool, yet Simmons supplies a rather thick one. Any one have experience here?

i personally use a regular bed sheet on the foam gel without problems.

Thanks. Bed sheets, yes, but I’m more concerned about the thick factory supplied cover that may prevent the gel material from breathing, thus discounting its cooling ability.

Are these hot to sleep on? I know a lot of things say they are cooling but will still burn you out of bed lol

I wish we could get some comments from folks who bought these the last time around.

It seems that you hardly ever learn anything about the content of the pages for which you provide links in your “quality posts.” How, exactly, does one “learn a little about Curv Gel” by going to the page you reference?

how big? in the packing box…

Yes I am curious about the size of the packing box and if they truly feel cool when sleeping on them. Anyone have personal experience with the gel topper?

Boy…this video really answers any and all questions regarding this curv thing

Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The toppers are compressed in a box that is 15x15x18.5.

Both styles of toppers are manufacture red with breathable, open cell memory foam. This allows more air to travel through the foam for a more comfortable and cooler sleep surface.

On the gel topper, we have gel infused into the open cell memory foam for additional cooling.

I hope this helps!

The topper can be cut…

3 steps:

  1. Get a long, straight edge (think 2x4)
  2. Use a sharp knife or electric knife and lubricate the blade with cooking spray.
  3. It will cut like a large loaf of bread

What is the density of this product?