Simmons Curv™ Mattress Toppers-Your Choice

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Simmons Curv? Mattress Toppers-Your Choice
Price: $39.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 08 to Tuesday, Aug 09) + transit
Condition: New


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Please confirm the gel topper is 4" and the memory foam one is 2" because the pictures show the blue gel topper is 1/2 the thickness of the white foam one (the opposite of what it should be if the blue gel one is 4" and white foam one is 2"). Thanks.

Get your crap together Woot, aka Amazon beast.

i want to now the size of the pakeg or box in the shipment

Woot Staff,

I’m interested in buying the gel topper, but the previous question about thickness needs an answer before I pull the trigger.

Is there anyone from Woot out there?

Is the gel topper a gel memory foam topper?? Kind of confusing how you have this listed.

Hey anybody awake at the keyboards or are you too hungover to answer these product description discrepancy questions? The photos definitely don’t match the product description.

Just waiting for confirmation from the vendor. Sit tight.

Well, I ordered the gel 4inch. If it’s not the blue one with the reversable contour, I’m returning it. It will be your fault, Woot for incorrect advertising and not responding in a timely fashion. Also, other sites mention a bed sheet cover that comes with it. I’m guessing this one doesn’t.

I really want to order this but am unsure that the gel is only two inches. The pictures show the other way around. It would probably cost a fortune to send it back. They won’t be available tomorrow when a response will come from the company. Disappointed.

Add me to the list of people concerned about the height of the gel/blue one. If it is 2" like the photo shows, I’m seeing it cheaper on Amazon right now. If it’s not, I would be in for one.

Amazon has it the 2" is the blue one with sculptured side. same picture just reversed

Unbelievable there is no answer for 24 hours on the thickness…causing many of us to not buy one!! No confirmation if the pics are correct or the description of the thickness of the blue gel one and the white foam one.

I purchased one last night, but now I am worried it is neither 4" or actually gel, but just foam.
I am hoping they will honor returns if the shipped product is not as advertised?

Woot hasn’t been Woot since it was Woot.

Hi All,

I apologize that I was not able to get on the deal yesterday.

I will run through and answer questions now.


The gel topper is manufactured from Gel Memory foam.

The 4" topper is manufactured from Gel Memory foam and is sculptured (reversible).

The 2" topper is manufactured from memory foam and is a slab (not sculptured).

It seems that the incorrect image was added to the deal, which made the 4" topper look more like a 2" reversible topper than a 4" reversible. The topper that you will receive will be a 4" sculptured topper.

Now that the Amazon beast consumed the once grass roots deal a day site, things are all wonky and will never be the same. The Woot monkey is no longer really the Woot monkey. It’s the Amazon tool. My question is how the hell do I track my order when it just says Amazon logistics? Frustrated Woot loyal that was sold off.