Simmons Curv™ Mattress Toppers-Your Choice

Sorry for the trouble. Please email with your order number; they can help check into things.

I ordered one to replace a BeautyRest 3.5" Geo-Matt, and after “airing it out” for a couple days to get that foam smell off of it, it’s pretty great.

I can confirm it’s blue on both sides, and measures about 4" from peak to bottom, though clearly once you’re sitting on it those little gel peaks compress quite substantially. The bottom to valley measurement (in between the peaks) is closer to 1.5"-2", a bit hard to measure.

Unlike the Geo-Matt, which despite being the same “twin” size left a 3" gap along the edge of the mattress it sits upon, the Curv covers the entire surface. Seems very comfy, though I’ve yet to sleep my first full night on it.