Simmons Truplex Riflescope

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

Is this really a good deal? I heard it would sell out fast, but it’s still here…

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Ehh, it’s a 55 dollar scope. They’re decent, better reputation then most scope makers in the under 300 dollar range, but nothing astounding. Mostly I’m betting it hasn’t sold out because it has zero useful details, doesn’t even have a model number listed.

For anyone interested in the actual specifications it’s a 1/4 MOA adjustment max adjustment range +/-30 MOA, uses 1 inch rings. I’ve used one of these on a 50 cal black powder rifle and it holds up just fine to the recoil.


With free shipping, it’s a no-brainer if you want/need a cheap AND dependable 150+yd scope. I have hunted with them and they are ridiculously good stuff for the money (held zero fine on 223 and 30-06 using ‘DNZ’ 1-pc mount/rings…cannot recommend the 1pc dnz mounts enough!) Bet you won’t find a better option for $14.99 EverrRrr #justdoit #woot

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Thanks. I don’t know why, but I feel like I can trust you. I’m in for 1.

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You won’t be disappointed! I went ahead and grabbed another…may give it to my brother, may not🤷‍♂️-haven’t decided lol but if I gift that one, I’m buying another for $15🤭 *Don’t forget a pair of flip-up caps from butlercrk to keep your investment safe and accessible. Scope comes with end caps attached to one another with shok cord, which work perfectly fine, but the flip ups are way neater/*un-loseable…if that’s a word. Enjoy!

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Good point. My current scope has transparent caps that fit over with a stretchy bungie cords.

Garbage. I’d rather to iron sights than spend my money on a Simmons anything. Literally they are some of the worst optics made. Forget about shooting in low light situations. Don’t buy it. Spend your money on good optics and never worry about losing zero or not being able to see that buck that came in just before dark.

I got one, so we’ll see.
I agree. I wouldn’t depend on a $15 scope for a 3-day hunt deep in the back woods on my hunting rifle.
However, that is not always the case, and plinking with a cheaper optics while target shooting in my back property may just work out.
If not, I’ll slap it on my Bug-A-Salt rifle to get those damn flies!

How’s it compare to a Tasco Pronghorn? $15 is the limit in my scope budget.

Old one vs this new one. I can still use the open sights. Just barely, though.

Needs more range report.

Ain’t had time to go, bruh.