Simmons Truplex Riflescope

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

These little scopes a re great for the $$$ !
They usually retail at between $35-$45 !!
Last go round I bought a bunch to put on 22’s and some Gamo air rifles…they work great !
Large 50mm objective makes for a nice bright picture and it’s clear edge to edge up to 9 power !!


I agree with porciniman!

$14.99 for a 3-9X 50mm scope? Sounded ridiculous. Too good to be true. So I got some. HOLY S**T!!!

I’ve bought ridiculously big scopes for 22s before… In the 1980s, instead of getting 4x20mm “.22 scopes” @ WallyWorld, for $15 - $30, I’d get cheap imports of 3-9x 35mm or 40mm Chinese pop-offs of nicer scopes for $20 - $30 (usually @ gun shows), & I was happy: above about 5-6x, the image got fuzzy & unless you placed eye relief perfectly, it was pretty useless. But the light-gathering was excellent & it improved .22 accuracy use-ably. They disappeared over the last decade or so (or at least their prices).

Then THIS showed-up on Woot. Gathers light better than the old ones. And at 8 or 9x, eye relief gets a little sensitive. And I think parallax isn’t great (no adjustable objective, either), BUT WHO CARES… $15 !!! At this price, these are DISPOSABLE!!! Focus on the edges is better than the 1980s scopes, too. Was very pleasantly surprised!