Simple Banter

Know what it is? know how to do it?

Prove it!!

Hmmm… I’m not sure. My banter is usually quite complex.

hee hee

ban·ter [ bántər ]



light teasing remarks: lighthearted teasing or amusing remarks that are exchanged between people

Okay, now that we have the field of play defined, let me just add that there are no out-of bounds . . beyond those imposed by woot and, (I hope) common courtesy!

This is not my forte, so I can’t play, but best of luck.

The kiss of death. Oh well. I should 've never tried to frost a burnt cake.

kiss what??

Bon’t bother.

well fine

see what I miss when I go out to buy a grill


I’m not very amusing. don’t know how to start amusing banter!

Where did this come from?

i can banter



You already know I can’t

Coffeenogrumpy wants to! She might even be able to do it backwards.

huh huh…knalb ti evael ouy tndid neht eman a tnaw tndid uoy fi

Because I had to have a name to order the field watches.
I have also seen Idontwantaname on woot



You better show up today.

nice simple birthday wish, there d’name.

Hey, AZ, happy birthday.

Gosh I tried to amuse banner till she slapped my face.

I’ll see your forte’ and raise you ten.

So do you want a horse’s head in your bed too