Simple Banter

Isn’t that what your ex gov Elliot Spitzer did ? Look what it got him

Ya Happy Birthday. think you will ever grow up?

Don’t know where it came from but I can tell you where it’s going

Sorry… Just passing by. looking for the
oar or the ore’s thread. Boy I like or’s

jeeze maybe you are right. . maybe a name change would work . . how about ahh ahh lets see ahh

naah that won’t work coffee, double n n’s

always look goofy

Dang that shows promise

things are starting to look good Az

goofy you say
but fails to mention i spelled it wrong…

your dating yourself if you remember those

dating yourself… is that like dancing with yourself… ooooo you know what billy idol meant by that dont ya

I am sooo talented. Not only can I date myself, I also write mystery posts about dolls I’ve never heard of. GO ME!!! :slight_smile:

Naw talking to oneself. really scares me when I answer myself Who’s billy idol ? do you mean billy bartey by the way I know the sheriff over in Fort Sumner thats who caught Billy the Kid maybe that was befor your time

Bet you didn’t read Valley of the Dolls either.

Yes all that you say about your self is true
Please help AZG’s thread get going. We want him at 120 over 80 at all times. He can have a cow without any provocation

What kind of cow?

one that "moos’ what’d ya think