Simple TV ATSC Dual Tuner with Software Suite

$180 That is crazy. I just picked one up locally for $50. They are under $100 on Amazon.

Be sure to note that there is a annual service for full features as well.

What’s the Free vs. Premier Service?
With our free service you’ll get full HD video; the ability to record, watch and pause live TV; and in-home streaming. Recording is limited to what’s on.

Simple.TV Premier adds unlimited global streaming for up to 5 users, the ability to schedule recordings automatically of all your favorite shows and our rich interactive program guide.

Premier is currently available either as a yearly subscription ($59.99 per year).

We lowered the price! YAY!

If you purchased one of these at the earlier price, never fear! Your money will be over the river and through the woods right back to your wallet soon.