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So if I have a NAS (Netgear ReadyNAS 314) will this work?

Eh, I’ll stick with my HdHomeRun Prime + Mythtv.

These don’t support CableCards so it isn’t very useful for Comcast customers.

Ok, I’ve never had a DVR in my life and although I am generally tech-savvy, when it comes to these things I am completely clueless.

I don’t have cable, just an OTA antenna. I have no desire to watch TV on my iPad or iPhone. BUT, it would be nice to be able to pause TV and/or occasionally record things. This seems like a good deal for my needs - is there any reason why I shouldn’t buy this?

this shold work in your situation.

Ok, next question. To be able to actually use this with my TV, I also need a Roku? I’ve read up on this before and I always got so confused about how it works.

Let’s check out the product page and FAQ

Time to watch a review [youtube=fzrEAg48JMA][/youtube]

What is TV premier lifetime woot is offering with simple tv device ???

After purchase from woot, how do we get the activation code for the lifetime subscription ? i.e. from woot or from ?

So I take it you’re only recording clear QAM channels? Not close enough to a city to pick up free broadcast channels?

This seems like it would be a good option for anyone living in or close to a big city with several ATSC broadcast TV channels. You’d get all the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) and maybe a PBS or two.

Judging from the feature requests page, it is still pretty rough around the corners. They are also releasing a new one soon, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up that they would add any new features.

While I’d love to get out of my Tivo subscription (I’m quite happy with the Tivo device itself even after coming from an elaborate MythTV setup) but this SimpleTV unit only has one OTA tuner, which means you can only record one program at a time.
On MythTV I used to have 4 tuners, though I rarely used all of them, but only have 2 with Tivo which get used simultaneaously quite often. One tuner would simply not work for my family.
Just read the post above… looks like the next version will have a 2nd tuner.
No, there’s probably not going to be any way to make the 1st version have a 2nd one also, this isn;t just a software difference, it would require extra internal hardware components.

I was initially very intrigued, until I realized that I have a VCR lying around that does what this does without need of Internet or an external hard drive. I can watch playback without fear of packet loss due to WiFi, and since I know how to program my VCR then I can record more than just live TV.

If you have a thrift store in your area, I recommend checking out the old technology that does just what this does (down to the lack of HDMI port). I got my VCR for $5. That is an $95 savings over this small white box of a video recorder.

I’m curious; I’ve actually been given two tivo dvrs; I’m using comcast right now - which is a huge bill. If I flipped to Tivo do I save money, am able to see things like HBO, sprout, cartoon network etc?

Check with your cable provider if they are going to start encrypting basic cable channels. Comcast and MediaCom started this last week in my area which means Clear QAM is no longer an option. I’m still able to use my antenna however.

Uh, what? Your VCR records at 1080 and wide screen? Your VCR then streams to your network? Your post contributes nothing.

Oh, and you won’t have to fear "packet loss? " Lol. Yeh, just 90% loss of fidelity.