Simplehuman Custom Fit Trash Can Liner (4 Options)

I have a simplehuman kitchen garbage pail and really love it, and I use these bags even though they are expensive and you don’t have to, because they fit SO PERFECTLY.

This is a terrible price - $20 + $5 shipping for 50 bags.

Here’s what’s happening: simplehuman isn’t selling these in boxes anymore, so they are “clearance.” They are now selling them in pouches, and the FULL RETAIL price is $21 for 60 bags. Obviously $25 for 50 bags is a crappy price and makes no sense, even if you buy other things to amortize the shipping fee.

Do this instead: If you buy them at your local Bed Bath and Beyond with one of their ubiquitous 20% off coupons, you will pay $16.80 for 60 bags. (They also sell boxes of 100 bags on their website for $28, and if you sign up for emails you can get a 20% off coupon, which is the best price per unit, but you will pay shipping unless your total is $49.)

AWESOME comment and suggestion! Plus, woot indicates that there are 4 sizes available, including “G”-pictured- but they’ve messed up their dropdowns and offer “J” twice.

I’ll get my BBB coupon and go order there. Thanks for the tip.

[MOD: Drop-down problem is fixed.]