What the hell is this?

You attach it to your toilet and then when you’ve done your business it sprays your booty with water to clean up. Much more effective than just using toilet paper alone.

Bio Bidet Simplet BB-70 is a waste of time. I have one, at the urging of my wife, and she used it for a few days and told me to remove it. It tends to shoot water in the wrong spot, and depending on how you move to get things aligned it ends up spraying water all over and even outside the toilet. She also didn’t like the odd angle that the seat ended up at because of the height increase at the hinge point.

I have one and think it’s great. Perhaps the angle is adjustable. My hubby installed ours - sprays only where it is supposed to. Makes so much sense to me to wash up and dry when you are done, rather than using toilet paper alone.

I put one of these in the master bath and my wife liked it so much she asked me to put one in one of the half-baths. I like it, too.