SIMPLI-MAGIC Multifunctional Veggie/Fruit Peeler Set

Midnight madness, gone already.

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And resold here

Every freaking time I try to check out I have to sign in to my Amazon account :person_facepalming:

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got it!!

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I wanna redo because the shipping was messed up!


@Froodyfrog I got to experience your favorite scenario - unceremoniously getting thrown into the VOP after going through all the payment screens, then having it yanked from my cart. Fun times.


You need to put something in your cart about 5 mins before event and go all the way through checkout to place order. Then go back and delete it. Thats what I do and i never have to worry about signing in during one of these events

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Mine too! I have prime and was signed in and it said shipping was $12 :slightly_frowning_face:

This shows price as $15.99 when they are only $5.98 on Amazon lol

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That’s not weird. What’s weird is that Woot should’ve used $11.99 as the Pointless Price, since that’s the list price listed on Amazon.

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  1. *Favourite.
  2. HA!

LOL I do that too - not only was I signed out and had to sign in again (it’s 50/50 if it will happen or not, I find), but I also got the mystery $12 shipping and was cancelled :crazy_face:

Yeah same here.:roll_eyes: Such trash system

Yeah but it doesn’t sell out in the blink of an eye over there


For those of you that were charged too much for shipping, I’ve already opened up a ticket with the dev team and CS to look into this.

I’m pretty sure it’s related to our Prime Exclusive 2-day shipping promo.

we’ll get that $12 refunded back to you later today.

@Wooter666400433 I get that you’re upset but do not threaten woot employees.

I didn’t & wouldn’t threaten anyone.