Simplicikey Remote Door Locks

I bought one. The first one was fried. But their customer service in getting me another one was excellent. We are currently 2 months with the new one and I can tell it’s much better already.

are these the keycloud app ready ones? or upgradable to keycloud?

by the time you unlock that cell phone with the key, the call would’ve already went to voicemail.

Reviews here.

As I recall from comments on a previous sale, the remotes were noted to be prone to accidental activation due to the raised buttons, which results in pretty sorry battery life.

That ends my idea of the purchase. Thanks.

Reviewers at HD are a lot nicer than wooters. There were 4 star reviews that said, to paraphrase, the lock is beautiful and installed easily. We really love it. Oh, except it doesn’t work and customer service won’t take my calls. But it’s a great product! 4 STARS!
Even the good reviews over there are bad if you read them. Almost every one has a point about some feature that does not work as advertised.

First, presuming that “HD” means Home Depot, why not say that? Is typing eight extra characters too difficult? This isn’t Twitter.

Second, it’s the 21st century – provide a link, like this:

Home Depot Simplicikey products

Finally, I did see some good reviews, but I didn’t read them all. Many did have one problem or another, though.

That said, if you think that this will work for you, it seems to be $80 off the best prices:

Google Product Search for Simplicikey.

(Well, unless you want to use eBay, where it’s $99.00:

eBay Simplicikey Satin Nickel)

The Key Fob battery does need to be replaced every couple months, if you use it every day. You can buy 10 energizer battery replacements online for about $5.

The batteries that go in the actual lock are standard AA and haven’t failed yet. (3+ months into use).

I love not having to reach into my pocket for the keys, or if someone needs to get in, I can just tell them the code.

When installing, take special care to get the deadbolt to line up perfectly. You’ll only have about a 16th of an inch clearance on either side of the lock and you can’t rely on “jiggling” the door to make it fit when you’re using a key fob or key pad, like you would if you were using an actual key.

I saw on the Home Depot website that these are manufactured by Difiant. “MFG Brand Name: Defiant”
Defiant is the least expensive door lock product line that Home Depot sells.

I think I remember reading the last time this was up that the regular key barrel was cheap and easy to pick.

I wonder if it would be possible to swap out the included barrel for a higher quality one?

wow, that was kind of a jerky reply to someone that was just providing helpful information.

Yeah, but I got a kick out of it. The irony/sarcasm was great. I comment on how mean woot reviewers are compared to the HD reviews linked above my post, and a woot reviewers goes after my review. You don’t even have to buy stuff here. Just come for the reviews!

Hello JoJo879 and thank you for the earlier question regarding KeyCloud. KeyCloud is not yet available. Once it becomes available we will be able to better address your question and all KeyCloud related inquiries. Thank you for considering SimpliciKey.

Well, my post provided useful information, too. Did yours?

My point was that the original post could have been MORE helpful. Does everybody know what HD is? I had to think about it before I realized that it was Home Depot.

Also, the whole point of the Web is linking. Without links, we might as well be on Usenet. If you don’t know how to make true links, you can at least copy and paste the URL.

When writing, try to make things as easy as possible for the reader. The time that the writer saves by abbreviating and not linking is probably wasted a hundred times over by readers who don’t understand or have to do their own searches to find things.

Finally, thanks to Welbo for having a good sense of humor about it. I was expecting a nasty reply and was very pleasantly surprised. :smiley:

Not to be negative, but I feel like “refurbished” door lock seems like a bad omen from the get-go, implying something went awry in the first place. I’d like to think that the main entrance to my home has some semblance of security and reliability.

I would be interested, but I already have a stupid fob or fob-sized key for a car, a van, and the remote for the wheelchair lift for the van. One more giant piece of plastic hanging on my key ring, and I’ll have to buy a fanny pack to carry it around. I don’t want to buy a fanny pack.

well, if you ever DO…check Woot first!