Shoutout to this amazing lock, first thing I did when I bought my condo was install this. The only negative thing about this lock, compared to other electronic locks… No auto-lock feature (IE if you close the door and do not lock it, after a few minutes it can automatically lock).

However, I chose this lock for one very simple reason… It looks GREAT. Almost every other electronic lock just has the keypad sitting there exposed and it looks horrible and cheap. The nice cover that conceals the keypad here makes it look like just a normal lock really.

Installation was easy, and it has worked without flaw. I do find I have to change my batteries before the low-battery light comes on, but I’ve been using cheap Ikea batteries so that may be partly to blame. In addition this has never caused a lock out as the lock starts to “stick” when its low on battery (more on that below).

I have had to change the batteries I think about three times, and that was with cheap batteries (2.5 years).

I have had to contact the manufacturer twice:

1- My lock started sticking, it felt like something mechanical was wrong like it would lock partway, stop, and you’d have to force it more to get it to lock. They advised I try new batteries and I thought they were crazy, sure enough BOOM fixed it right away. This is also how I can tell when my batteries are running low as the low-battery light seems to come on when they are only VERY low.

2- I did have issues with my remotes, they sent me new ones no questions asked before I had even sent them the ones that came with my device.

Great customer service! And NO I do not work for them or anything, just thoroughly impressed, and it’s not often I am impressed like that!

What the heck?!?! Wanted to order 4 of these for my home remodel, when I got to the checkout it states that shipping is not available to Hawaii. This is the shipping note from the product page. Nowhere does it state that it’s not available to be shipped to Hawaii! I’m getting really frustrated about Woot’s shipping logic.

I’ve ordered some large/heavy items that they’ve shipped with no problem, but then small items like this, and even the fitness tapes aren’t available to be shipped, I don’t get it!
Shipping Note: Shipping to PO Boxes and APO addresses not available for this item

Costco had them for a while and I believe Home Depot does as well, not as cheap (but also new). You didn’t ask, but not sure if you could program the fobs to more than one lock, but you could certainly program in the same codes to all four doors.

Researched remote locks a while back, and these came up repeatedly with horrible reviews – main concern was that the battery life of the remote controls was dismal, and the range would progressively get worse. I purchased a different brand from the mothership (cheaper, too), and after a year, I still run the first set of batteries. Wouldn’t recommend these.

I bought one of these when Costco had them and its worked great for over 2 years now. I change out the batteries about once every 6 months because, like smoke detectors, I’d rather not wait until there is a problem. I have a different brand on my front door because I wanted the autolock feature that Simplicikey doesn’t have. I can’t speak for other reviews of this lock but I use this for the door between my house and garage and have never had a problem.

I got these the last time and it works FABULOUS for business setting. So now I just delete the codes when employees resign and its easy to add codes for new employees. The keypad is hidden, also a bonus. The locksmith was impressed and wanted to buy one for himself. I no longer have to call the locksmith to re-key so I have saved a lot with this jewel.