SimpliSafe 10-Piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe 10-Piece Wireless Home Security System

I wouldn’t trust the safety of my family to this system. What a joke!

There are many wooters that have it and like it.

There are enough bad reviews about the customer service to make me turn away.

This is a run off of the old system. SimpliSafe has been heavily advertising their updated system. The base station looks very different on the new system. BUT, the system pictured has been in service in my house for several years now and has performed flawlessly.


I absolutely love it. great customer service. works perfect. i accidentally put in my panic code and the police arrived at my house in 5 mins. it took some getting used to have a more comprehensive alarm than the one previous. the little things like power outage notifications give me piece of mind when traveling. I always take reviews with a grain of salt and pay attention to what they are actually complaining about. normally its tick tack crap because they feel entitled to perfection when it comes to technology


NOTE! this is the Original OLD system! Missing many features of the NEW:

"On January 10th, 2018 Shelby

On January 11th, 2018 jepartenheimer says:

"On January 10th, 2018 Shelby H. says:
We’re excited to see all of your enthusiasm about our new generation of SimpliSafe! I wanted to address some great questions a few of you have brought up.

First, the new SimpliSafe is not compatible with any original SimpliSafe components. The redesign has included some great new features that require new hardware. Unfortunately, this means the systems components are not interchangeable between the new SimpliSafe and the original SimpliSafe.

Additionally, the original SimpliSafe system will continue to be supported. Your current monitoring services and warranty will remain unchanged. We want to assure our customers that the original SimpliSafe system remains as a great choice for customers looking for no-frills security with outstanding value. We are just as committed as ever in providing our customers with affordable and reliable security.

Finally, we are currently not offering an upgrade. The new SimpliSafe is offered at no increase in price, a testament to our efforts to keep security affordable. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or lingering concerns. We’re here to help.

SimpliSafe Home Security"

Could somebody who owns one talk about what kind of communications can be set up if you don’t opt for monitoring? I live in a gated community, so likelihood of break-in is reduced. I would like to get a system that calls or texts ME if there’s smoke or water. Will SimpliSafe do that?

curtw4, I have the old system. Unless there has been a change, the premium monitoring was required for user interaction. I opted for the $15 monthly fee for basic monitoring, which uses a sim card to call emergency service when an alarm is triggered. It has been prompt and reliable for me.

The product is an alternative for DIYers to full service alarm companies. For my application and location, I find it to be a great value compared to installer systems that require a technician to change any setting. Those monitoring services are often in the $30/month range, too.

This original system replaced an old hardwired one in my house. I researched equipment, pricing, monitoring, and called around for service. I couldn’t get any local alarm company to install equipment I could manage myself and they required that I go through them for monitoring. I’m not in a high crime area nor do I have much worth stealing. Simplisafe’s pricing and product works for my needs.

I have had very good customer service experiences and will put the new Simplisafe system in my next house. I was a bit anxious to install myself but it was not a big deal. You need to do a little work to figure out good placement. That’s the price you pay for DIY. I have peace of mind that my smoke detectors will get the fire dept there, and the others will get the police there. For $15 a month I have no complaints.


Ok so I’m looking to Definitely purchase something like this but I guess this is a dumb question someone can help me with. What about animals in the home? Do they trigger the motion sensor?

Found this on the SimoliSafe site:

Pet Friendly

Your dogs and cats under 50 lbs won’t trigger the alarm. We’ve
designed the sensor to be less sensitive to motion close to the grpuns.

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Can someone confirm this is the older, original system that’s being sold, and not the newer, currently available one? I’ve seen it discussed in forums before that it’s a picture of the old system, but actually a new one.

All the pictures are of the old system, which I have.

My question is this- if I have an old system, can I add this system to add to it? We don’t have the panic button and it’d be nice to add the sensors and keypad.

ThunderThighs, if you aren’t too busy scarfing turkey, could you verify that this is the first gen version and not the newer version? Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

It’s the previous version as pictured.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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No, you would not be able to mix and match old/new components. I traded in the old system for the new one. Much better IMHO. Smaller sensors, better looking keypad, new integration with other smart home devices.

I’ve had this version for 2 years. Also worked at 3 businesses that were using it as well. Never had an issue, customer support has always been helpful.