SimpliSafe 10-Piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe 10-Piece Wireless Home Security System

Is this the 2 or 3 version?

Note: this bundle is comprised of SimpliSafe Generation 2 components

I have this generation. It works well. Just expect an offer from SimpliSafe to upgrade to version 3 shortly after you register.

I have a version 2 and it works great. Better solution than the big name firms that want to lock you into a three year contract to use overpriced equipment.

Will version 1 work with version 2? How do u tell what version? I have a simply safe system and would like to buy for extra parts but want to make sure it will work.


Don’t do it!

I’ve had this system (1st Gen) for three years and it looses connectivity frequently. I have to resort to constantly removing the key pad from the wall and (that is six feet away) and moving it right next to the tower. Also other devices have a hard time with a signal. A keypad died after a year.

And good luck getting a customer service rep. Hold times are in excess of 30 minutes. I’ve actually never gotten in touch with a CS rep because I got fed up. RUN AWAY FROM THIS “DEAL.” It’s not worth your time, money, or patience. I’m getting rid of my systems week since another sender just died.

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I know some folks have issues, as is true with almost anything you buy. This looks like a gen 2 system (great price), and I had one for a few years and only had a couple of minor problems with it (like a smoke alarm needed to be replaced, which they did for free), but otherwise I was very satisfied, and it performed quite well. I was pleased enough to upgrade to the gen 3 to get the lighted keypads and smaller sensors, plus they gave me a discount. Yes, sometimes it is a wait for a CS rep, can’t deny that. And NO CONTRACTS that you have to try to get out of like some other companies.

Can you use the latest gen pieces to complete (“fill out”) this set?

Been putting off buying a SS system, but this price makes it nearly impossible. That said, it’s insufficient for our home, so I’d need to know we can add to it from the SS website store (or wherever), with pieces from any of the other gens.

Just FYI this is not compatible with the new sensors and equipment being sold by Simplisafe now. It’s a fantastic deal but don’t buy it thinking that you can buy more and expect them to work.

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Thanks much - very comprehensive and conclusive thread there.

And that sure sucks. So, if we buy this one, it’s off to eBay for any add-on pieces, I suppose. An easy, if not satisfying solution.

Thanks again for the definitive reply. :+1::v::beers:

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no political posts please

I will delete political posts. This thread is for discussing the SimpliSafe. There’s a thread in Everything But Woot for political discussions.


Does the system requires a membership service in order for it to work? Or can it just remain fully functional under self management and monitoring from cell phone?


You can’t fill out the system with latest gen (3), as was said above, but SS still sells the pieces for the gen 2 system on their website.

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I need more components than what the 10-piece system provides. Can I buy two of these systems and combine them to function as one?

Yes. You would just have an extra tower. You just add the extra sensors as the ones in the first kit.

Got one last time at $ 139.00
Had to contact SS to switch out the sim card for Verizon. Using for my business, inside a metal building, no problem with a connection.
Got too cold and one sensor on a back door went off (10 degrees). Moved a bit, and worked well after that.
Love the key chain remote so easy to use.
Might have to get another , just for extra parts, as the newer sensors don’t work with the older units.

They’re selling additional components for this generation on their site, still. Based on the prices of what I’d need to fully cover my house, a second unit came out cheaper. In for two.

So this doesn’t include a siren?

Understood, however, I didn’t bring up the politics - the brand itself did. Companies themselves need to stay out of politics.