SimpliSafe 12-PC Home Security System w/ HD Camera

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SimpliSafe 12-PC Home Security System w/ HD Camera
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7/16/2018 - $249.99 (Woot Plus)

Note this is the prior version. Not only is it not Alexa compatible but mine came with a nearly dead smoke detector battery - it was very surprising to be awakened by my smoke detector with a low battery warning 2 days after I bought it - which means my unit was sitting around for at least a year.

I had a first gen system (this one) and promptly sent it back after three days. Keypad keys were tiny and cramped, base station kept losing a signal despite going through both T-Mobile and Verizon modules. I have a 2nd generation system now and it’s definitely an improvement, though I haven’t had much luck with the camera. Apparently it operates only at 2.4GHz range, so if you have a mesh wi-fi system at home you may have heck of a time connecting it.

We have had this system (no camera), which is the first generation, for several years and took it to our new house when we moved last year.

We have found it to be quite satisfactory with few problems and with good customer service. The monitoring service is responsive and it is cheap with no long-term contract.

This is a good value, I think. I am a satisfied SimpliSafe user.

HOWEVER, you DO need to understand this is the older system that is incompatible with their newest system, because of the new system’s encoded signal. So, slowly upgrading from V2 to V3 will not be possible.

While it lacks certain features of their newest system, it will provide a solid and reliable entry alarm system

Finally, a system with a smoke detector. Why did it have to be first gen?

I’ve had this system for three years. I had to change it over to the Verizon module (free and also simple) and have had no problems. The camera is rather rudimentary and will not pan, zoom or save video to a memory card, but it can be accessed remotely from either a PC or with the app.

The monitoring service is very good. If you want to have all of the bells and whistles, it will end up costing you $25 a month and there is no contract.

Here is my major complaint about the system. The keypad beep is very quiet. If one of your household members opens a door or you forget that the system is armed, it is very likely that you will not hear the pitiful little beep, beep, beep that warns you to turn the system off. I added their loud alarm modules that beep a bit louder, but in my opinion, not loud enough.

If you buy this system, invest the additional $40 or so and buy the siren. While not loud, people with normal hearing will know if they have tripped the alarm by accident.

SimpliSafe neglects to mention the hundreds of dollars you are likely to spend in flase alarms. The small business I work for has this system. We accued $100 in fines in one week- 3 false alarms- after the keypad would not communicate with the base to turn it off. Hours spent on the phone troubleshooting. No manual with the system. Online help was, well, not helpful. Every CS rep ran us through the same steps of resetting the base, change batteries in keypad. FINALLY, one rep directed me to change the batteries in the door sensor which seems to have solved the issue. Why the weak battery in the doir sensor would cause the keypad and base not to communicate is beyond me though. Beware if you use multiple keypads, the distance between keypads and the base, maybe 20 feet max.

Monitoring is contracted out to a local company so SimpliSafe takes no responsibility for the alarms even if you call to state it is a false alarm before they call to dispatch the police. I have the timeline for the false alarms (caused by keypad not communicating), but we still had to pay. Note that some police depts charge up to $250 per alarm.

Have had this system for 3 years, in our apartment then later moved it to our house. Overall a very good experience; very affordable while providing good protection. Love the mobile app for the phone. Will eventually upgrade to the new versions, but have this version and still working well.