SimpliSafe 13-PC Home Security System w/ HD Camera

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SimpliSafe 13-PC Home Security System w/ HD Camera
Price: $304.99
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What version is this? V2, V3?

Older versions have some vulnerabilities.

This is the older version - the newer version has a different keypad.

I was all set to pull the trigger on a full system a while back, but I can’t do business with a company that must be “politically correct“. After what they did to the NRA, I will never do business with them.

Thank you for sharing this. Recently read an article in America’s First Freedom about companies withdrawing their support, but it did not include a comprehensive list.

Thanks for letting me know. I, too, was getting ready to purchase one of these. I’ll look at other companies now.

I support the NRA.

Don’t need it, but, if they stood up to the NRA, I’ll purchase one.

Thanks for the heads up. I have been looking to replace my ADT with SimpliSafe and thought this was the opportunity. But I am boycotting every company that is doing the same to the NRA. We will see how many Liberals step up to replace the NRA customers Simplisafe is losing. Companies should never mix their CEOs politics with their business. They will lose both.

This is a Gen 2 system. THey do have a newer system that does not rely on the cell phone. Also the chips they may send in the unit you may not have service which is a pain. I recommend the newer system if you are going to get anything at all.

Wow I assumed with all of your guns NRA members would not need a home security system. “This House Protected By The 2nd Amendment”

Thanks for the info, I’m glad I read the post before ordering. I have been contemplating getting this system for weeks, now that I understand the mindset of the owners I will never do business with SimpliSafe.

Hey all. I’m fine with most of the comments that have been posted but watch your language, don’t make it personal, and please stay focused on the product.

NRA discussions can be started in Everything But Woot if you want.

Manufacturer or product…those who made the product actually started this conversation and as such I support the NRA more than I support woot.

Show me ONE OTHER security system company that gives the NRA a discount. Your attitude just means you will do without a security system.

That’s your choice, but who are you REALLY hurting by your ‘political purity’? Plus, how does not giving you that 10% discount REALLY support the 2nd amendment? Which, BTW, you wouldn’t get on a closeout out sale, like this anyway!

This is a fine system. SS3 is better, but this is still a viable option and it’s cheaper than SS3.

You are correct.I have a sign on my house that states “Never mind the security system.Beware of the owner.”
; )

I have not seen any of their systems that don’t rely on Cellular. That is their main claim and feature (no LL to cut, not relying on power, etc.). There is a newer, more secure model, where the sensors and FOBs communicate with the base station via authenticated channels. Can you let me know what model you speak of?

Not the point at all. I will show my displeasure with their “virtue signaling” by voting with my dollars elsewhere. It’s the American way.

Political nonsense aside. This is a great little security system. Perfect for an apartment or small house. You’ll want to buy a bigger package with more sensors if you have a lot of windows and doors.
You can add sensors to this package and I suggest getting an extra remote, plus more of the exterior signs showing that you have a alarm system… since prevention is the defense against theives.