SimpliSafe 13-PC Home Security System w/ HD Camera

If you have pets like cats or dogs, the motion detectors can and probably will be set off by them.

It happened continually to us, rendering our ADT system useless in certain parts of the house where it was set up to rely on them. It continued to work in our garage, and the door sensor still worked, but the main house system had to be disabled.

How much for just the sticker? That’s the only part of the system that would actually prevent a break in.

You’re going to spend $300 on a system you don’t need because the company that makes it “stood up” to an organization that defends civil rights?
That’s a bit odd.

But hey, speak with your wallet. It’s your money.

I bought this system in Dec and it works fine for a warehouse alarm. The cellular only capability is actually a plus for us since we don’t have wifi in that warehouse. There aren’t too many systems that use cellular these days. The package we bought had the camera as well but the camera doesn’t work except on wifi, while the rest of the system communicates via cellular.

We also had the problem of our SIM not being activated upon receipt, even though we bought from simplisafe themselves, but it just took a phone call to fix that, and they gave us a free month of service for the inconvenience.

From what I understand the new version still uses cellular but can also use wifi. So you still pay for that SIM service.

I would also add that while maybe they have ended their relationship with the NRA, my most recent Rifleman still has simplisafe ads in it.

The National Rifle Association’s role in training and support my right to own firearms…
My desire to protect my home and family with a security system that calls the police…

Separate subjects.

NRA members are not people looking to kill people
A security system is a reasonable idea to help protect my home and family from criminals that might want to kill people.

I never had a simplisafe motion sensor get set off by a fat old cat for the years they coexisted.

A 63 gram conure parrot flying right in front of one, will, however, set one off.

One of the great things about this system is that you can set it up to have triggers immediately set an alarm, or just send you a message.

So mine has all entry points covered by sensors, and the motions are used as verification in some settings. In others, like when we know the house is empty and/ or the birds are not free roaming, those motion sensors are set to trigger full alarm immediately.

And you can do this from anywhere you have internet.

I have disabled a trigger setting falses (the parrot) from vacation before.

It’s great little setup, but if I were buying one, I’d probably spend the money on the brand new version since this is a thing you keep around and don’t swap annually.

also re cameras their monitoring and recording is pricy. Image quality is good day or night, however.

And ANOTHER nice thing- I can pay to monitor cameras and record when I’m gone for a vacation, without having to pay for a whole year.

Exctly! Home security is like an onion, different layers designed to do different things but each with a slight functional overlap. Locks, Window & door bars, door window sensors, glass breaking sensors, movement sensors, security cameras, and finally for me, “personal protection”.

Guns may be a suitable part of a home defense solution, but they rely on the operator to be present to be effective. Therefore, security systems augment home protection when the homeowner is away.

That aside, I’m glad to hear on the newer versions (not this one) that they added some layer of security to the wireless component of system. Granted, most burglars aren’t sophisticated enough to intercept/mimic control signals from devices back to the base, but it may have been a matter of time before someone started selling $20 boxes on the black market that would do this.

This system has several flaws as well. It will allow you to arm the system via the key fob remotely even if a protected sensor is offline or in trouble and never indicates it. You leave assuming that everything is armed when it isn’t. There is no UL Class supervision. Plus the product is no longer being updated. All resources transferred to SS3. The software on this is buggy and I am surprised that the company is Exposing itself liability wise still with this version.

I will pass after having 3 of these. I changed them out to other vendors.

The Nest systems are great! And a great alternative to Simply Safe…

Because this system is low-tech, the applicability of my concern is probably not high. However, higher grade of tech devices that are being made in China have a Communist government mandated chips where they can backdoor any of the high tech systems they manufacture. With the advent of falling prices for chips with built-in functions (spying and backdoor), it is prudent to keep in mind that when you buy an item built in China, some have been found to contain rogue and suspicious chips whose functions include backdoor access as well as other functions that were indeterminate until fully backward engineered.
BTW, support our Second Amendment and the NRA because the government who fears its armed citizens will always act like a government for the people and not a dictatorship telling its people what and how to live. Our Second Amendment Freedom enables us to protect our other Freedoms. Just remember in any revolution or coup that serves the Elites or wannabe Ruling Class, the first thing they do is confiscate the guns so the masses cannot protect themselves from becoming serfs and slaves.

I have two large cats and had tons of problems with my ADT system. I switched to SimpliSafe two years ago and it’s been A+. The cats do not trigger the motion sensors, the sensor batteries last a long time, and the system is extremely modular and easy to configure.
I had a few false alarms caused by incorrect disarming by housesitters, and the monitoring company handled them well.
I’m extremely satisfied with it and would never return to ADT – which lost out on a juicy contract when they refused to upgrade my hardware after 15 years.

Can we manage this remotely with an app?

How many burner accounts can TexasScout make in one day? Or should I call you…Bryan Collangelo???

Also, we should all gift one to TexasScout & her (or his?) militia.

Why is SS3 a better system? I have SS2 and some extra stuff not compatible with SS3 which is a pain and customer unfriendly. Is SS3 that much better?

Terrific products, great company. But this is older version that won’t be updated. Check the cost on the current version. Cheapest monthly service and no contracts!

Nest is an amazing company with excellent support. But just like Apple, it’s a steep premium to own them.

This is great but old version has no integration with IFTT or Alexa.

It works, but no integration with IFTT or Alexa. So no way to automatically arm / disarm with geo fence.

The security vulnerabilities published May 24, 2018; 01:29:00 AM are available online.

and from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the National Vulnerability Database at

Very happy with mine. Great price and arrived in like no time (less than 2 days)! Not one trigger/sensor failed to test properly.

If I can figure out how to trigger my own email/txt notifications for each sensor/event, I’ll share. :peace_symbol: I’d like to add that I would recommend putting an ADT or Brinks sign in the window or on site, , , and definitely would not advertise that your components can be seen/read over the air/radio by posting the included SimplisSafe sign provided. word.