SimpliSafe 7-Piece Home Security System

Home automation.

It works. It’s uh… ‘simple’ but it works. Both Alexa and google assistant.
Personally I have Alexa. But by all accounts it’s similar with Google Assistant :

You can tell it to arm, or ask it ‘are you armed’.
You can NOT tell it to disarm.

And it requires the $25 monitoring plan. The basic $15 plan doesn’t do automated ( or indeed app ) anything.


I get cards / emails / phone calls / late night TV ads / spam junk from ADT aswell. Far more, in fact. I don’t see them going out of business ( although, one can hope… if this product gets enough market share :stuck_out_tongue: )

or some major security leak

There have been some pretty horrendous security leaks with Ring doorbells in the last year or so.
People don’t seem to be all that bothered, and they’re also not out of business.

My simplisafe is on it’s own private little network, no connectivity from outside. You don’t even have to have it connected to anything except its Cell link, making it way more secure than internet connected gizmo’s. Like anything else home-automation a modicum of security is prudent.

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No offense. Was just saying that I’ve been seeing lots of advertising for this product and getting mailers. Like some big mass marketing push. A Toyota is a Toyota rather it’s on a Ford lot or Toyota dealer. Just saying with all the options on the market, makes me think twice when one brand that spends so much on advertising when they have been around since the mid 2000’s. I like the stuff you sell. I’m not here to debate that. Just giving my views on this product, regardless where it shows up. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Good point. But ADT has been around for years. And I think I’ve gotten ONE adt mailer this year. I’ve gotten more hearing aid fliers. Think the “X” is handing out my address.

We’ve been using the previous generation of Simplisafe for a couple of years now without the monitoring and it is an excellent system. It’s cheap, easy to setup and we have had no problems with it. I have recommended it to a number of people, including my mother who is buying this setup. She will be adding some of the other sensors directly from Simplisafe to complete her system. I highly recommend the basic system. I cannot speak to the monitoring service as I have not used it.

LOL. Jesus.

I’ve had ADT for years, but at $71.00 a month I am really impressed with getting the equivalent equipment with a much lower monitoring cost.
ADT won’t negotiate a better price, so the options are what they are.
What would the community do, switch or stay?
Thank you for your constructive input.

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Why do you guys pay a subscription for almost nothing?

Your house will get robbed once in 4 lifetimes. So even if the security system somehow stopped the act, being robbed would still be cheaper.

Maybe spend that money on a tax attorney to stop the government from robbing you.

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That’s all I need! :slight_smile: Thanks for weighing in.

Thanks for this. I’m likely going with Ring due to the $10 plan. Otherwise, waiting on Arlo to release.