SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack
Price: $299.99
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10/19/2015 - $299.99 - Click To See Discussion (43 comments)

Check out this review over at cnet

Some wooter feedback on the Original Sale

Actually less expensive to order online with their $100 off Cybersale. Factory warranty, custom configurations, and several packages available. Funny part is they stress that they sell direct to eliminate middle men profits that increase consumer costs. They even have a refurbished selection.

[MOD: Sale ended?]

Purchased last time woot had this set.

The good:
Very easy to install, and the system seems to work well. I like the ‘ding’ the base station provides each time a door or window opens.

The bad:
Only comes with 1 keychain remote - unless my wife and I want to keep playing pass the keychain, we’ll have to buy another which appears to be $24.99 on Simplisafe’s site. We did NOT receive the panic button that we were supposed to get. Woot, can you please send me one?

Call 'em. They are very good…We were broken into alarm went off. Thieves smashed a bunch of equipment. They overnighted new equipment - no charge

Did they steal anything? In other words, do you feel that the alarm deterred them at all?

Our house was broken into a few years ago. We did not have an alarm. Not sure how long it took them to go through the house, but they had time to find all the jewelry and find some other hidden valuables.

The alarm is fantastic. The effectiveness depends upon your neighbors and how quickly the police respond. We have a neighborhood watch that is very active. Mixed community of retirees, middle age, and young families. Always someone walking a dog, jogging, parents watching kids or elderly and parents up late. A car or house alarm gets a lot of attention. Between the alarm company and multiple 911 calls we get a swift police response.

Great system and customer support. Well worth the money and I expanded the system.

I bought one of these over a year ago to replace my professionally installed system. The SimpliSafe uses cell phone technology to alert the monitoring company. A thief could cut the phone wire on the old system and eliminate the monitoring.

Since my landline was only used for the old alarm, I was able to cancel it. With the SimpliSafe, monitoring is less than half the cost of the old system because I don’t have a phone bill.

You can customize the delay on each individual sensor. This is done by logging into the SimpliSafe web site. It’s all menu driven and very easy to do.

Anyone have code for their Cyber sale?

I am not seeing a cybersale on their site. Maybe it expired on tuesday?

I bought a refurbished system from them last year and it’s been great. It’s dead simple to install and works just like they say it does. Their customer support has been excellent.

Considering their Master system with the same content (except with a “free” extra remote and a $29.99 smoke detector vs this one with a panic button) is $449.87, it’s less expensive here, even if they do have $100 off, and even after ordering the smoke detector separately.

While the base station uses cell technology, the sensors can be wirelessly jammed so the base station never thinks there is a problem. Simplisafe is simply not a very good alarm system if the thief knows you have it and what they are doing. There are simply youtube videos showing you how to bypass it.

The CNEt review has a link to research they did into that claim:

The reality is, if you have a security system of any kind, DON’T advertise what it is so thieves (who spend days/months learning your patters and planning their job) can determine a bypass, whether ADT, Simplisafe, or other.

Simplisafe has offered a great product at a great price (without the contracts). The equipment you purchase is yours. You can activate/upgrade/downgrade/cancel monitoring at any time with no fee.
While the base uses the cell connection as a primary connection, you can connect a landline or purchase their broadband adapter as a backup.
Does it lack some of the more modern smart-home features? Sure. But as an alarm, and only an alarm, it’s a great product. I trust mine as much for the fire (smoke detectors) and water concerns as I do for burglary.
Smoke detectors are good- if you’re home. Simplisafe’s system will monitor environmental sensors regardless of if the system is armed or not. So subscribe to monitoring and you’ll still get a call if the smoke alarm goes off or the water sensor triggers due to a leaking water heater, even if you forgot to set the alarm that morning.
Don’t forget to contact your insurance company for a discount on homeowners insurance with a monitored system. I get 5% off with monitored burglary, and 5% off for monitored fire. So my discount pays for most of my $14.99 monthly monitoring fee.

How do we know what all comes with this ?