SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack
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CNET Review (Econony Package)

Enticing price - if all you’re after is a placebo effect of safety. I can list no fewer than 8 different ways an unsophisticated burglar could completely bypass this “security” system using nothing more than some off the rack consumer gear…and that’s before I go to DefCon in July and hear about a dozen others. Heck, Forbes published one way over a year ago that hasn’t been addressed at all. And the nature of this system is as such to where you can always scramble the signal.

This company goes to great lengths to state that this system was designed by someone with a Harvard degree - which no doubt lures in low-information consumers. Unfortunately for them, you’re getting what you pay for in this instance, which is very little.

Defcon is in August

Pedantry. Between Cisco Live, Black Hat, and DefCon, I’ll be in Vegas for almost a month startingin July. That DC starts a couple days into august doesn’t change the point.

The Deluxe package…

You get 2 signs…

I could not resist…

Cool Story. Thanks for sharing.

I’m wondering who’s out to get you… Doesn’t this article’s perspective seem reasonable?

Your idea of an unsophisticated burglar must be pretty different from mine. The Simplisafe system I bought to protect a rental scared off a housebreaker less than three weeks later. Most burglars are opportunistic… It doesn’t take much to convince them to take their business elsewhere.

I don’t use the yard sign or window stickers, though. Why give a burglar instructions on which system they need to disarm? (And along those same lines, I also have a couple of Canaries–redundant systems are good! Too bad the bad guy ran off before he got into either camera’s field of view…)

You seem well informed on this topic. Which system(s) would you recommend?

According to the CNET article:

“The most likely burglary scenario by far is the unsophisticated crime of opportunity, usually involving a broken window or some other kind of brute-force entry. According to the FBI, crimes like these accounted for roughly two-thirds of all residential burglaries in the US in 2013. The wide majority of the rest were unlawful, unforced entries that resulted from something like a window or a garage door being left open. The odds of a criminal using technical means to bypass a security system are so small that the FBI doesn’t even track those statistics.”

For my system I subscribe to the premium monitoring package. Simplisafe notifies me by text anytime there is a change in the status of the system. Works very well.

I have one of these systems and I’m happy with it. I previously had a system monitored by a big alarm company that raised the rate from $36.99 to $54.99 in less than 4 years. That was for monitoring only over phone lines and did not include smart access.

I’m not trying to defend Fort Knox with it… I just want deterrence and notifications. So, for $25/month I can activate/de-activate with an app, get emails and text messages whenever an activity occurs, and the system uses cell phone access for data so I avoid the vulnerability with the phone line. I’ve placed the system in test mode a few times and received a call from the monitoring service within minutes. The base station has an internal battery backup and all of the simplisafe sensors are battery powered with wireless connections to the base.

A couple of tips:
Check the website for peripherals because I’ve found them often to be cheaper than online retailers. Also, my previous system had numerous hard-wired, normally-closed sensors (door, window, motion). I identified these and wired them all in series. Then I took apart a simplisafe door sensor, soldered leads across the magnetic reed switch, and connected them to the sensor loop, making sure that the magnet was far away. It works fine but I probably voided the warranty. If you’re going to do what I did, one other trick was that I retained the power and battery backup from the old system to provide power to the old motion sensors.

I also have this system and there are good and bad things about it.
The good, easy to set up but you do need a computer to configure everything. You are not committed to having the monthly monitoring on, so you can save some money there. We have a BIG MEAN LOUD DOG that deters most burglars so we don’t need the monitoring unless we ALL go on vacation. Everything works moderately well.

The bad, so far, seems to be that they are unable to deliver on new products. They have the motion sensors, window stuff others use but there is no integration with any camera tech or smart house integration. They keep promising that they are working on it but they have consistently missed their own deadlines after announcing new product in the pipeline.

If you are fine with what they currently have, go for it. If you expect it to grow with the advent of new technology, you eventually will be dissapointed.

Hey everyone!

As much as I love plotting the perfect crime, we do need to pilot this thread back to product specific discussion. Feel free to take larger discussions of home security and home insecurity over to the **Everything But Woot ** tab.

Thank you!

I realize this is a disruptive technology for the traditional overpriced security companies and they are trying to poke holes in it. I’m pretty sure this will work for 99% of the population. I agree with the home automation integration comments, I’m going to buy this system once these features are added.

Buy a security system yard sign off Ebay. Buy one for the most common brand name system in your area. The yard sign is useful to deter burglary, but a sign different from what is installed doesn’t give the burglar directions on how to defeat your system.

I love your tips! Can you share exactly how to do it myself?

Wiring in the sensors was pretty much how I described. The original system had resistors installed in-line with the normally closed switches that had to be removed. The Simplisafe door sensors easily snap apart and the reed switch looks like a glass tube with metal inside, sort of like a long fuse. The leads on the backside were long enough to wrap wires around and solder. So I put around 12" of wire on each one and snaked it out the back past the battery, then crimped it to the house sensors.

The old system had many inputs so each switch was separately monitored. Wiring them in series means that I don’t get a report on which one was opened but I segregated the door and window switches onto one simplisafe sensor and the motion detectors onto another.

As for power to the existing motion sensors, I did a bunch of web searching and found out how to disable the original alarm, but it probably wasn’t necessary since I disconnected everything except for the power, battery, and power lines to the motion sensors. So even if the old system tried to sound an alarm, the sirens and phone line are not connected. Overall it was very straightforward, just kind of time consuming since making a bad connection could result in the alarm tripping unexpectedly.

do not recommend. faulty equipment and link to police dispatch disconnects frequently. If you have cats do not recommend at all. I have spent more money in false alarms than in the equipment itself.