SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack
Price: $299.99
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Back in June, there were questions if these units are being shipped with newer code, patched against the February reply vulnerability. Was there an answer?

Right - Forbes did a piece on the issue here:

So is this the newer better fixable system?


I have had a system for about 6 months with no problems or false alerts. Alerts to my cell and emails come instantly. Good support, I recommend.


Need to know this as well. Ready to purchase

Also need to know.
Ready to purchase as well.

I’ve had this system for a couple of years. System works as advertised. Best feature in my opinion: You can turn on/off monitoring without penalty. So, since we have a very aggressive dog at home that likes no-one but us, we feel comfortable not having monitoring until we all go on vacation. Saves tons of money over the long run.

Only negatives I can see is their lack of adding new products to the inventory. No camera, no integration with other whole home automation systems, etc. So if you are looking for state of the art security/home automation integration, don’t buy this. Owners of this system have been asking for this for years now with nothing but excuses or “we will look into that”
answers from SS.

Here is the story from PCWorld back in February. I haven’t seen any updates that its been corrected.

I have one in my storefront office and one at home for about 18 mos. They work well and the monitoring is only $15. / mo. and I get discounts on my insurance. I’m pleased. I had my back door blow open (I didn’t latch it tightly) and a couple of failures to deactivate and the police showed up in less than 10 min. :wink:

If you want ACTUAL security, I recommend looking into a local alarm dealer (not ADT). Many use local monitoring stations, and don’t charge much more per month. The problem with DIY is that if installed incorrectly, your system may not protect you at all, or worse, cause false alarms, (like the above’s door blowing open) which is a drain on local resources.
Just to qualify, I work for a wholesaler that sells to local dealers (for almost 10 years). I don’t tell you this for my benefit. I tell you so that you don’t buy a very expensive false sense of security. Seriously, call a local dealer. You’ll help the local economy, and you will be able to trust your security.

Edit: Not Woot-worthy after review. You can get a better system for the same price. Look in to a Honeywell/Ademco Lynx 7000 kit or the 5000 series. They even support automation and cameras.

I’ll chime in here as a dispatcher and programmer of security systems. These do it yourself systems are not very durable or serviceable. Keep this in mind. Also when DIY’n you will need to make sure you change the defaults (Codes, setup arrangement) so thieves can’t just use common knowledge to bypass your alarm. Also make sure that your internet for this has a backup power supply in case of outage. Otherwise you just have a noisy alarm clock.

If you decide against this system, look in to brands like Honeywell (Ademco) and DMP as they have options you can do yourself and get monitored by most companies.

Personally I would get a professionally installed system as they have the most options and many places offer serve with a service contract for homes under $30 a month with internet access to panel and 24/7/365 support. I would know. I often provide it.

I just bought the stickers on eBay for $8. My home hasn’t been broken in to since!

This actually uses a separate cellular signal instead of your internet (or your mobile service) for connectivity. All sensors are battery powered and wireless, as is the base unit. They say the base unit backup battery is good for two days.