SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack
Price: $299.99
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Owner’s Manual PDF

Do they have an Iphone app for this?

“This safe will be the second most important item in your life. The first most important item? In the safe!”
Does this system come with a safe?

Anyone have this that came from FrontPoint? I’m interested in lowering my security alarm bill, but enjoy the app/notifications that FrontPoint provides.

I have this and have added to it over the years. It works pretty well, as good as any other product. What is missing is a camera add on. They say they are working on it. i have been put on the beta list for testing but so far no camera delivery so don’t hold your breath. It does not work with any other home automation yet but it does connect with nest thermostat.

It’s best feature is, turning OFF and ON monitoring whenever you want (so no monthly monitoring costs). We have a large relatively mean dog that scares the shit out of people as they approach the house so we are pretty sure robbers will go to our neighbor’s houses instead of ours. But when we ALL go on vacation, the alarm is fully activated.

There may be better alarms out there but for the money, i like this.

No safe included.

I’m so confused… why does the product description (repeatedly) mention a safe?! Ugh… I need to lie down.

That’s the creative write-up. The product is described in the features & specs.

Yes. There is an iPhone app. I have this system. It works very well and is easy to install. My only complaint is that the keypads don’t beep loudly enough when you enter the house. It is too easy to forget to turn it off before the alarm goes off.

I added two of their extra loud sirens, but the entry and exit beeps are still too quiet for my tastes.

I ordered this system from simplisafe a while back to compare to my existing hard-wired ADT system. I really did like it, the software was nothing beautiful but it was functional. The setup and configuration was super easy.

The biggest problem is that the wireless radio isn’t all that strong. I wanted to put a motion sensor in my detached garage (20ft away from the house) and even putting the base station directly next to the close wall and putting the sensor on the close wall in the garage I couldn’t get a signal. I tried and tried and tried and the farthest I could get and still maintain a signal was about 10 ft out my door. I don’t have any strange construction or heavy duty wiring of any kind, this is standard home construction. It also meant I was unable to reach the base station with the fob from my garage, which meant I would have had to go inside the house, turn off security, then go back to the garage and finish parking. No good.

Which leads me to the second problem. Because the radio is not all that amazingly strong (and also because the base unit is the primary siren), you can’t stuff it into a crawl space and expect it to reach all over the house. It will most likely have to sit out somewhere. I don’t mind the look of it, but this makes it an easy target for smashing, which is absolutely a common practice for burglars.

Ultimately, I found a local company that would come out and upgrade my existing wired solution (napco gemini based products) and do contract-free monitoring for me (I had to talk to the owner of the company for this) for the same price as simplisafe. Wiring is definitely less convenient, and I know most people won’t be able to go contract-free like I did, but I think it’s worth it. The fob on mine also works at least 3x farther than the simplisafe one. And most importantly, the actual central unit itself is in my crawl space so there’s no risk of them breaking in, rushing over, and smashing the radio.

I liked simplisafe, but the weak radio made it infeasible for me, and made me nervous about getting smashed before it could send out a signal.

Also, the supposed “coming soon” camera has been coming soon for something like 3+ years. I wouldn’t hold your breath on that.

Check what you get with this package, I ordered this from Woot and ended up getting a small 8 piece package with completely different sensors. Woot did nothing to correct the situation, luckily SimpliSafe did.

We identified the problem from last time. You should have received an email from us. I’m glad SimpliSafe took care of you though.

The problem from that sale has been resolved.

How many times are they going to offer this for sale. Enough already!

I have now received a partial refund. Thank you

I’m glad it’s been resolved for some but not for me. I received a smaller system as well, contacted woot, said to contact simplisafe who told me it was on woot to correct, had woot send me a replacement and again, an 8 piece system. I can’t even put them together to get what I need. Would be great if someone would try to solve this puzzling twilight zone scenario for me. Thanks

Did you receive an email from us about the issue? (If you don’t see it in your regular inbox, be sure to also check the Spam folder)