SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack
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Could something like this replace a paid service like ADT?

Already own this system and it works great.

Yes! You can use it as a local alarm with no remote monitoring, or 24/7 professional monitoring is only $15.00 a month.

I’ve been using this system for a week and so far i’m pleased. i bought it through the simplisafe website and added pieces from amazon. is a little process of a set up if you have a large house but everything comes pre programmed in the keypad. the app is easy to use. it even alerted me that i lost power while i was gone. ADT wasn’t happy that i left but more coverage and cheaper. who doesn’t want monitoring? its worth the price.

Which Cellular provider will the package that is shipped use, T-Mobile or Verizon?

I’ve had this system since early December and could not be happier. Super simple setup and easy to expand.

Regarding cell service, I believe it ships with T-Mo by default but if service is not good in your area, SimpliSafe will send you a Verizon sim.

does it offer video and can you use you home wifi

Thank You

Woot, I have purchased this package twice from Woot in the last year and both times when it came it was not the advertised package with the specific components listed. Is it correct this time?

Yes, please can someone from address this? I have read on a previous thread that this happened with alarming regularity.
I would have already pulled the trigger if not for the fear of being one of those shorted 4 or more items…

I bought this system from Woot just over three years ago. I’ve been very pleased with it. Setup was a breeze and it is very reliable. I subscribe to the $25/month monitoring and have it set to text me when the alarm goes off. The only “intruder” I’ve had has been maintenance and I receive the text 30 seconds before I get the phone call. A nice plus is the system will also text me when the base loses power and when it is restored.

I’ve had this system for a couple of years and am very pleased with it. Responsive customer service and the dispatching service is prompt.

Out of the box, it comes with a T-Mobile cell data connection, but if you live in an area where T-M is spotty, they’ll exchange it for a Verizon card. They did for me and it improved reliability considerably.

The system is solid, and the app is pretty nice. Setup is very simple, no real hardware setup needed, it’s all done using double sided sticky tape.

However, there are two major flaws with this system.

The first may not matter to everybody, but it mattered to me. I have a detached garage that I wanted to add motion sensors to, it’s spaced about 20 feet away from my house. So I stood up the base station on the side of the house closest to my garage, and walked the sensor out to install it, and it was completely unable to communicate with the base station. I experimented, and I was only able to make it about 10 feet out my door before it stopped reaching the base station. The fob also didn’t reach very far at all, so I was unable to use the fob to disarm the system before entering my garage, which defeats the point of having it.

The second flaw is serious, and affects everybody. Because the intra-device communication is not very far, you are unable to bury the base station somewhere deep in a closet. THIS IS A PROBLEM. The very first thing somebody will do when they break in is find the beeping base unit and smash it. If you are like most people and you’ve got a 30 second delay before it triggers the alarm and dials home, this means they can smash it and break it before it dials home. Most ADT-installed systems have a detached phone-home unit that they bury deep in your house to avoid this issue.

At the end of the day, I returned my simplisafe and went with the old-school setup through a local security company that didn’t require a contract. It’s much better; my fob reaches from the far side of my garage/driveway to the base unit that’s buried in my crawl space. Motion sensors in the garage work great. No possibility to smash it up. The only downside is the app isn’t quite as nice, but it does the job and that’s all that matters.

If you have a small house, and you are able to put the base unit in a closet and still have it reach all your sensors, this will work great for you. But for most people, I fear it’s simply not safe enough.

While that is a concern, and I’m surprised that SimpliSafe hasn’t addressed it yet, the base doesn’t make any noise when an alarm a sensor is tripped, it only makes noise when an alarm is triggered and by then SimpliSafe has dialed out. So if you have the base hidden where it would take more than 30 seconds for a burglar to find, it’s not an issue. You can also set individual sensors to instant trigger instantly. e.g. I only enter through my garage door when coming home for the day, so every other sensor is set to instantly trigger aside from my garage door.

Will this system work with At&t wireless?

Everyone has their personal opinion, but many people don’t want to pay for monitoring.

Paying for a monitoring service is more of a “it feels good” expense. In the vast majority of cases, the bad guys are long gone, by the time the service calls you to verify it wasn’t a mistake, then calls the police, and then the police actually arrive. I would just as soon have the system call me directly and I make the decision immediately to call a neighbor, the police, or fire department (if that is the alarm.) Mind you, even me calling directly probably has little chance of catching a professional burglar.

I have talked to numerous Law Enforcement Officers and many have told me that monitoring is probably a waste of money (and don’t bother in their own home.)

Where monitoring might have an use, is if you are worried about home invasion – having a system with a panic button could be quicker than fumbling to find a phone and make a 911 call.

Having a loud local siren to scare the burglar, will give you the best bang for the buck. The one time we had a break-in, they broke out the glass in the back door. It immediately set off the external alarm and they took off without even coming in the house.

RE: the $14.99 per month monitoring charge. We travel and would like the system monitored while we are away. But monitoring is not needed when we are home. Could we suspend the monitoring payment when we are home, on a month-to-month basis?

How sensitive is the motion detector? We have a 75lb dog that likes to move between the two rooms where we would keep the motion detectors. How likely is it he would trip the alarm?