SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack
Price: $299.99
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At $299.99, this system appears to closely mirror the SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Delta at AMZN for $449.99 (Prime).

Similarly, there is a “Memorial Day Exclusive” at the SimpliSafe website for $399.00 which has two extra motion detectors and an extra keychain remote.

Since I don’t live in a mansion and need all the motion detection this unit right here on Woot seems to be the best buy for me.

Happy Safe Memorial Day Woot.

It’s a weekend for remembrance, but if we don’t take care of what we have, we won’t have much to remember right?

I have one of these i got from simplisafe. Works great as a do it yourself system.

Do these systems require a lot of batteries and if so how often do you need to change them?

Each remote unit has a battery of some sort, and the control unit warns you when a battery is low. I find that the alarm horn and the control unit require replacement about every 9 months, but both are alkaline; the doors depending on how much you open and close them, but once a year; the remote entry button, the smoke alarm and the motion detector, once every couple of years. In all cases, the batteries are readily available.

Your mileage will vary.

Great - thank you!

Does this system integrate with smartphone apps like the app from

Happy Memorial Day to you too!

I have had my system in place for 8 months and have not needed to replace the batteries in any of the parts yet (except the keychain remote because it went underwater).

There is a smartphone app for Simplisafe which can update the alarm setting, check history, update PINs, etc. I hardly, if ever, use the website and pretty much exclusively use the app.

I have a SimpliSafe system that I got from Woot. It was a bit smaller and more appropriate for my needs, but when I move into a bigger place, I will be glad that the system can come with me and expand. It was extremely easy to install. It took less than an hour to get everything set up.

Make sure you check your local ordinances to see if you need to register the system because I didn’t and got slapped with a $300 fine!! Oops!!

Great for peace of mind. Would be excellent for parents who aren’t home when their kids get home, because you can be notified when the alarm is deactivated when they get home. This is a large system, so think about where you’ll put everything. If you need more pieces, you can buy a la carte on the SimpliSafe Website.

Recommendation: make sure the keypad is mounted where it gets good light. The key buttons do not light up. I had to install a touch light by mine so I can see it when I get home late.

I don’t see the great deal. Their website has the same model for
$259.95 with free shipping.

This system comes with 3 additional entry sensors, an additional motion sensor, a panic button, and two sirens, so appears to be the better deal.

I bought mine in a prior Woot. These are definitely worth the time and effort to install. I’ve only replaced batteries in the key pad once, never in any of the other sensors. I’ve had mine about 18 months.

It is easy to add components with occasional sales. False alarms never occur, simply errors of opening doors in the morning before turning off alarm.

Monthly prices are $25 with access to a very useful website for specifically naming the sensors and setting up new equipment. $15 (I think, using only the KeyFob for equipment update - which is a bit klutzy. $0 has your equipment, loud alarms and no monitoring.

This connects to monitoring with cell phone. Base station has batteries. Cutting power and telephone cable doesn’t affect monitoring. The APP makes it very easy to turn the system off/on from the security of your bed. The keypad is my biggest problem with no backlight.

Thanks for the tip about the keypad. I needed the reminder about the local registration thing too.

I imagine having an alarm will save on my homeowner’s insurance as well. win-win.

Um… It’s not the same model. The system you link to is only 7 pieces. Woot’s listing is for 14 pieces. This is a great deal. I bought one.