SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

Just sell me the signage!

RadioShack used to sell generic security signs, I bet the Mothership has them too!

“Limit 9 per customer”

I bought two of these last time over Memorial Day weekend.

They were dropped-shipped promptly, and arrived in good shape.

I haven’t used them enough to give a proper review, but I thought they were a good value.

Also, I celebrate Woot’s new green initiative by recycling the write-ups. Stay green Woot!

I thought this had an unfix-able security flaw ? Now granted they had to physically close in proximity to your location but they could take over the entire system and even change your password ? stillvtrue or am I full of bag 'o carps /

Could be you are spreading FUD. Do you have any links or documentation of this?

That’s what I did !
I bought a sign from a Security Company guy for $5 !
I installed really loud alarms on the doors and windows, which have the benefit of remotes !
saved myself over $300 !!!

I got my security stickers and sign on Ebay. Stickers for the window, and sign for the lawn. Less than $12 for all.

I ask a question did not make a statement…


People who spead FUD do it precisely by “innocently” asking questions.

But that being said, what about what simply safe has done in the year-and-a-half since your Feb 18, 2016 article was published?

Do you have more recent documentation?

“Limit 9 per customer”

I don’t know if 9 will be enough!

The attack on the system requires someone with time and knowledge (if the flaw still exists). If someone has that much forethought about getting into your house they will get into your house eventually.

Personally I’m worried about the people who drive though a neighborhood and hit as many houses and they can before rolling up to the pawn shop. Any sort of alarm-like deterrent will hopefully help them choose my neighbor’s house instead of mine. Or if they choose mine the alarm will help them move on quickly. In my opinion this system meets those needs.

They have NOT yet fixed the hacking flaw:

That said, it’s still a good system, that would require a fairly sophisticated/knowledgeable thief to break its code. And MOST would simply move on to easier targets.

Darn it!

I don’t have the Hope diamond to protect, I just want to deter random bad guys.

Thanks for the information.

Having read about the hacking flaw, I agree with the above assessments that someone with the intelligence do this (not your common smash-and-enter thief) will find some way in anyway. I am not concerned. I have two systems to protect my home and my mother’s home. I am very pleased. Their monitoring is top-notch, as evidenced by some accidental “tests” (crushing panic button in my pocket, daughter forgetting code, burning food in kitchen, etc.). Reasonable price for monitoring and NO CONTRACTS!

Why would they spend the time and resources to hack your home security system?? You hiding Ft Knox in there? Besides, dont advertise the brand of your system and how would they know? Most burglaries are “smash and grab”. They throw a brick through a window and they’re in. Grab some stuff and gone before the cops show up.
I have had my SimpliSafe system for years and have been very happy with it. But it is just a deterrent.
I got mine with smoke and water detectors. The environmental sensors will notify the monitoring company even if the system isn’t armed. So I look to my system to help provide coverage for fire as much as anything.
Plus, with possible insurance discounts for a monitored system (I get 10% for monitored fire and burglary), I end up paying out a few dollars a month for the basic monitoring.
A great system if you don’t want/need some fancy home integrated and automated stuff.
It just works.