SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack
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Another SimpliSafe deal, so I’ll try to answer some of the usual questions.
It uses cell service at no additional cost. Last I checked they had 2 carrier options but check when you order or they can still work it out afterwards if you have bad cell reception.
You can still connect a landline as a backup but I don’t believe it works for the interactive (app) functions.
I have to replace the AA batteries in my extra sirens and keypad about every 9 months, the glassbreak sensors have lasted a little more than a year, all others (entry, motion, smoke, water) have already lasted about 4 years.
Response time for an alarm has been within seconds.
Environmental sensors will result in a call even if the system isn’t armed- great for smoke detectors!
You can arm the system in Home mode when you leave and others are still there- with alarm off, open door, arm in Home mode, walk out and shut door. Sensor becomes armed.
Yes, you can arm the system with an entry sensor open. You get a voice warning from the base and a message on the keypad.
Check with your insurance company- I got a 10% discount for having monitored fire and burglary. Pays most of my monthly monitoring fee.

All home alarm systems are a notification system. They sound alarms to attract attention which criminals don’t like. Some companies mislead the public- Ving Rhames is not going to stand outside and scare away thieves. If someone wants something you have, they will find a way to take it. No alarm company has the ability to actively defend you and your home. Thats up to you.
So understand what you are buying with ANY alarm system. Most burglaries are smash and grab, so an alarm may not even scare them off. It will probably take a few minutes for police to arrive anyway as most calls are false alarms and tend to rank lower in priority (from an actual police officer), or the crooks are gone long before they get there.
I’m glad I bought mine, but I depend on it as much for fire and water leaks as anything.

Thanks for the post! I just ordered a Simplisafe system off their website last week, should get Thursday. Was a big pack on sale, but I had to add on another 8 door/window sensors which basically negated the discount back to normal price (though, I still got what I needed). Pretty excited to test and install

Interested to see how the motion detectors work… I have a great dane and two labradoodles. The lady I spoke to on phone said to invert the motion detector 180 degrees so it basically shoots ~4.5’ up to the ceiling instead of down.

That’s the typical recommendation so the animals are below the “sight line” of the motion detectors. There is also a sensitivity switch by the battery. However, when I was active on their forum (lots of info there), it seemed that 90% of complaints over false alarms were motion detectors with indoor pets.

It helps to keep those sensors away from vents and not pointing directly at external windows.

For 399 their website has a 13 piece with cam… plus I think it would be easier to return to them then woot…

I didn’t care about the system calling the cops, just wanted to be notified by email or text if there was a problem, but you have to pay the monthly fee in order for that capability to work.