SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Deluxe Pack
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I installed this system at my shop two months ago and performance has been excellent. One of my employees did not enter his (unique) code fast enough one time and Simplisafe response time was fast. Text message and phone call came instantly, and I was able to use the safe word to avoid a police dispatch.
The only issue I’ve had so far is that the keychain remotes don’t work when it’s cold. Also, the camera that came with the system I bought requires wi-fi, which I don’t have at the shop. Thinking about getting a 2nd system for my house, and using the camera there.

Echoing EchoSeven :wink: - I too have this system. It works very well with their responses being very quick to a trigger of the system. I also like the fact that through the smartapp, the system is integrated with my Nest thermostat. Turn on the alarm, the Nest enters ‘away’ mode.

My one complaint is that the motion sensors cannot be configured to not react to pets. I have two mid-sized dogs and I can’t get more than 2 miles from the house with the sensors on before SimpliSafe contacts me telling me that the alarm has been triggered. Their solution is to turn the motion sensors upside-down so they angle their detection upwards - doesn’t work for me as one of my sensors is in view of my stairs which the dogs love to run up and down.

But you can disable certain sensors (which I have done in this case) so that’s cool…

EDIT: Oh, I should mention that the keyrings are so big and ugly, there’s no way in hell my wife and I will carry those with us.

Functional but disappointing and frankly deceitful (simplisafe, not WOOT) at the same time. When they say “no contract required”, it’s true in that you don’t have to sign a contract with them to use their monitoring service. What they didn’t say was that they program it so you can’t use any OTHER monitoring service on planet Earth.

So now I can use THEIR monitoring service or I can use NO monitoring service. I can’t use any other of the hundreds of monitoring services out there, and am now completely at their mercy.

I wouldn’t buy a car that only one mechanic in the world can work on or a TV that can only tune in one network, and am very put out with simplisafe (not WOOT) that I end up with basically that limitation in my security system.

I’m not disagreeing with you, but curious… What other alarm systems allow you to use different monitoring services? I’ve been with SimpliSafe for over a year (see my previous comment) and before that, I had an wired install of ADT. I refused to pay the kinds of monitoring prices ADT was charging, hence my move to SS. But I had no option to use a different monitoring service with ADT nor in my little amount of research, could I find one that supported what you’re looking for?

We have had this system for three years, and their monitoring company’s response to a fire alarm caused by a kitchen mishap was instantaneous and highly professional. They also notified us when a water alarm quickly detected a leak under the kitchen sink, which had the potential to become a disaster. Our old house had a competing system that cost three times as much per month with an impossible to break contract, and offered no additional benefits. Recommended.

A question for current users.
Can you receive notifications of an alarm going off or sensors being triggered on your cell phone WITHOUT having a monitoring subscription?

Thanks in advance

I’ve had this system for 5 years+ and it has performed flawlessly. Easy to expand and the monitoring service is spot-on.

Yes. The monitoring is independent of the app. But IMO the monitoring service is well worth it.

How much for just the signs? :slight_smile:

Looong ago we had ADT install a system then we went off contract. Then we went back on contract and received some additional sensors. That contract expired and their rates were going to high so I went with a company called Next Alarm. I had to buy a (basically) VOIP adapter and then reprogram the ADT console. It wasn’t fun but it’s up and working with full monitoring for about $15/month.

So yes. It’s POSSIBLE to use equipment from one company and have it monitored by another.

We installed this system in my mother’s home. I’m impressed with the ease of installation but not so much the motion sensors which have to be about 4-5 feet off the ground and its sensor range is limited. The sensors come with a sticky tape to be applied to doors, walls, etc. You can also screw in the base that holds the sensors, keypad, etc. I had to do that with the keypad and siren but am concerned about doors when it gets cold. Will the tape give way and cause a false alarm?

I find too having had two different alarm systems (Brinks in old home and ADT in new) that the price of the equipment is close to what you will pay for a basic package at either company. At my new home we dickered with the guy and got ALL windows, doors, basement windows, etc wired for $300.00.

This system’s monitoring fees is about close to half of what the others charge.

Lastly, not sure why this is on woot as you can pay about $300 at their site or click on a FaceBook ad and get the same thing for $300.00

Do dogs set off the motion sensor? I have a small and medium sized dog. The small dog likes to sit on top of the furniture - would they set off the motion sensor if activated?

See powercrazy’s comments on this topic above (3rd comment from the top).

I have had the system for a few years now. None of the tape has failed. Once I was moving some furniture and knocked one of the sensors off the door and just stuck it back up, and that is still holding as well.

I think I disagree with the above response to this, I believe the cell phone functionality comes with the higher level monitoring package. I think you only get the alarm going off locally without a monitoring package.

I agree with you. If you don’t at least subscribe to the base $14.99/month service I don’t believe the cell functionality will work. The siren will go off, but it will not alert anyone.

I personally use the $24.99/ month service and I’m very happy with it. It works very well and is a pretty small price to pay compared to the $10,000 in stuff I lost last time I got robbed.

Another happy simplisafe customer for 2 plus years. I added a LOT of options. 3 sirens, glassbreaks, 4 motion dectectors, and a CAMERA. Yes simplisafe does cameras. It records everytime the alarm is set or disabled, has live view, and night vision, works great. Very easy to customize. Last week shower steam set off the fire alarm and the FD came faster then I could call to cancel, their monotoring is excellent and on par with the big boy companies. Only con is finding which sensor needs a battery replaced, when you install yours write down the serial number and where each is (ex 18DRU - living room window, etc) it will make it easier when replacing batteries. Also definitly add a siren. One outside, one inside, and the main unit in your bedroom. The unit will glow blue when set. If it blinks you know something is wrong which is why i like it in our bedroom. If its flashing i know i have to address something. Lastly, GET RID OF THE KEYCHAIN REMOTES. You lose your keys someone has access. Someone meets you and forces their way in, you can use the silent alarm code that alers police, if you use the keychain anyone can click to disarm. I thought the key remotes would be great until i thought about how vunerable they make the system. All in all though A+ for simplisafe.

Just a heads up for people thinking about getting this. Still probably better than nothing.

There is an inherent problem in their system that they should own up to but conveniently leave out. If one of the entry sensors just happens not to be communicating with the base unit, and you arm the unit outside using the smartphone app or keyfob, the system doesn’t tell you that you have an unprotected zone. It just arms and goes on. UL requires I believe in an accepted system that it warns you that a zone is unprotected prior to arming and/or refuses to arm until the fault is corrected.

Also remember that this system is completely wireless. There are and can be occasional issues with devices and the base stations that you along with Simplisafe will chase until you become frustrated. That is not a Simplisafe issue rather than the issue of wireless itself.

Along with the previous issues the posts above mention.

And Text messaging, remote control via smartphone or web, and such are ONLY if you are on their enhanced, not basic service.