SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Pack
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Comments from a previous sale

GREAT security system! I’ve been running it for over a year. I have it set to txt alarms to me. I get the txt before dispatch calls me which is nice. It also txts power outages (whenever the base station comes unplugged). I love the home vs. away modes. I especially like the distress code option. If someone forces you to disarm the system just use the distress code and it shuts down but alerts police that your in distress.

Just installed the system in my vacation rental. i love the ability to manage the system on my windows phone.

Real nice system. Easy to install. You don’t have to use central station monitoring but if you do it’s $25 month, and that includes text alerts.

A lot more info on their website which is what you use to configure your system. Phone app is pretty decent also.

Note that if you don’t have Verizon or Tmobile service strong in your area, you will have trouble with the signal. They wlll send you a booster though. We have poor cell service for those two carriers but have not had any problems but had to work with them to get it set up intitially.

They recently made a change with call centers and we are getting a delay in texts for standard alerts (alarm on/off) - sometimes up to 12 hours late! But other than that, this is EXCELLENT! We have a special arrangement where they just text and call US and not the authorities when the alarm goes off because of the likelihood of false alarms and we haven’t had a problem yet. We highly recommend. Very easy to install and setup.

Cats? Will cats trigger the motion alarm? We have an ADT system and the cats were a bit of a problem on occasion. The ADT monitoring cost is outrageous which is a big perk for this system. Given that the ADT parts are wireless, I wonder if they can be connected to the simplisafe?

I really wish it came with at least one camera or at least the option to add a camera.

Our puppy triggered ours when it got out of its kennel. But they say you can turn the motion sensor upside down to alleviate this.

How do you set it up where they just call and text without calling authorities?

We have had a complete home surveillance system from this company.

We recently upgraded and love the system as well as the service. They don’t call you, but they have some awesome digital recording.

It has caught thieves and someone who did a hit and run to our neighbor’s vehicle, which was parked across the street.

If you leave home and forget to set the alarm can it be activated from anywhere ? with the android phone ap. or with a PC away from home.?

Yes, but you need the premium level of service at $25/mo, which still seems quite reasonable to me. I don’t have it, I just found the info on their site.

We used this for a while but the monitoring service was so terrible we canceled it. If the alarm was triggered they were very delayed in calling. Sometimes they didn’t call at all. You get what you pay for!

A few comments… I have owned this system for a few months.

It is overall a really good system IMHO. Easy to install, works as expected. I subscribe to the monitoring.

There are other options out there… I was really waiting for the Scout alarm to become widely available and reviewed but after delays I grew tired of waiting.

The motion sensors are maybe too sensitive… Have two of them and my 30lb dog has triggered them twice. I’m trying to figure out what to do now about this, still testing. Entry sensors are in all doors. I might buy sensors for my windows, haven’t decided yet or work with their support to fine tune the motion detectors.

I also have a securityspy setup on my mac and network cameras. The times I had a trigger I was able to use the cameras to check the home when the alarm went off to ensure all was good when I got the call from the monitoring company. For those who want it a simple dlink internal camera or two with motion detection can be a helpful addition.

The albatross of the system is the alarm is built into the base, so someone could find and destroy the base before the alarm sends out a trigger. I have it hidden so it can’t be found if someone were to break in… They could find it of course once the alarm is going but by then it will be too late.

The alarms are decently loud but not really loud enough IMHO… I bought an extra external siren and have it outside. Makes a significant difference.

The wireless sensors have pretty healthy distance. I have a set of sensors in an outbuilding maybe thirty feet behind my house and it works fine.

The biggest disadvantage of the mobile app is it doesn’t offer notifications. Text alerts can take a long time… Email is usually faster for me so I’ve turned off text. I don’t understand why they cannot make an instant notification via iPhone app. Their web site has a forum and they are responsive there, but there is no word in this feature… I think scout my offer this.

Happy to answer any other questions… In some ways the more expensive scout system might be better, but since there aren’t reviews out there…

Looks easy but can you contact SimpliSafe if you have any questions (set-up, issues, etc)? Or is that just an “Oh well” since you’re buying (and yes, saving) through Woot?