SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Pack

I’ve had one about a year. The sticky things fell off of my paint after 2 days. I screwed in all the mounts for my sensors. Have gone through one set of AA batteries on the keypad recently.

I have a motion sensor in the hall, they have a very wide angle, one in the corner of the hall covers both ends of the L shaped hall way. The cats and the small dog my XGF had have never set it off.

You can get other sensors, I’ve added a smoke alarm. Which does not cost more for monitoring above the premium service $24.95 The base service only cost $15 I think. I think text alerts go up to $19.94.

I’ve had other systems that charged significantly more for smoke alarm and other sensors.

I can control it on the web, on my smart phone. I got texts on my dumb phone I had.

I have a |_| shaped house around a central patio, the bedrooms are on one side and the living room and kitchen are on the other side. I initially had it in my office which is next to the Master bedroom, but it started having trouble picking up the sensor on the laundry room outside door on the other side of the house. I moved it in to the living room and haven’t had any problems since.

Oh, it also glows Blue when it is armed.


I usually arm it “home” when I am not home due to my dogs.

I like the system for sure.

I sold & installed alarm & access control systems for 10 years and learned that you can “pet proof” your passive infra-red (PIR) detector from being triggered by masking the lower sections of the sensor so that it ignores movement in the lower areas.

To do this, take the sensor apart and behind the translucent cover you should find either the inside of the cover or another semicircle of plastic inside that has smallish (1/4"-1/2") square sections that are light guides into the tiny sensor in the back. These sections are the “zones” that direct light from the room into the sensor and the more sections there are, the more flexibility you have for detection. These zones are in a grid and in order to pet-proof specific areas of the room, temporarily mask them one section at a time with small post-it notes in the lower sections where your pet can trigger it.

Test your work and watch for the unit to be triggered (or not). Be careful of pointing the detector on radiators, heat vents and windows too. When you are satisfied with the masking/pointing, then replace the post-it masks with duct tape. You can always add more later if you missed a spot. If you are working with Microwave-type sensors, you will need to use heavy aluminum foil.

IMHO, alarm monitoring is a waste because their is no accountability for performance, accuracy or timeliness. I would never be confident that my place is protected by such a simple system, simply because an intruder can find and disable this system in less than a minute - if triggered. With only one PIR sensor, you cannot enjoy “double coverage” where two detectors “watch” each other. This means that only one area is going to be covered and this is a compromise. An intruder can see the detector before it sees him and can avoid detection by skirting the protected area - and that means he can search for goodies and the control unit at his leisure. Out of good taste I will not recommend competing/better products though.

We really love our system. Easy to install and operate. Feel the $15/month monitoring is fair. Really like ability to pick and choose sensors needed and add as needed. For example, thinking about adding an entry sensor to our basement door at the top of the stairs as extra security in case someone were to get by the basement motion detectors. These are only like $15 to add to the system. Why not?
As a side: to keep up with when our kids leave or arrive home I don’t use the Simplesafe upgraded monthly charge , I receive alerts from a free app on my phone called Life360. Each of our kids has a phone and when they get home the app automatically let’s us know.

They have a system on angie’s list in my area for the same price but with more stuff in case anyone wants to check there town -
•$199 for a complete home security system
•One SimpliSafe2 Base Station - Master Control Unit
•Deal includes: four Entry Sensors, one motion sensor, one freeze sensor, one keypad, one extra 105dB siren, one keychain remote, one yard sign, and two window decals
•If you choose to subscribe to the 24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring service, it costs just $14.99 per month and you can cancel it anytime

No link? Do you need an angies list account to even buy the system?

Has this shipped for anyone yet?

It says shipped on my account but no tracking number.

Same issue here, really don’t like paying for something and not knowing if it has actually shipped or not…

Sorry for the trouble, guys. Have you tried using ‘Track by Reference’ on UPS or FedEx’s websites? Just use your order number as the Reference ID. Let us know!

Received my system today and was pleasantly surprised to find they shipped the classic package instead of the economy package indicated by woot. The classic package includes all the same components plus a siren and a smoke detector. The price on simplisafe web site is $350 instead of the $260 woot indicated. Much better deal than I thought.

me too, that is awesome, I was planning on adding the second siren anyways!