SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Pack

TONS of pretty very reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Does this come with the CO, water, and freeze sensors as mentioned on amazon?

Checking with the buyers.

UPDATE: Confirmed, no CO, water or freeze sensors included.

Nope, just the motion and contact sensors. That being said this is a great system! I’ve had it a bit over a year now. No false alarms. I have it set to email me (a dummy acct) whenever it’s armed or disarmed.

It will text me whenever the alarm goes off or even if it loses power. Apt maintenance has set it off a couple times despite having their own code. I get the txt a minute or two before they call.

You can set up custom names for each sensor and alarm code. You can even program in a distress code that will turn off the alarm but notify them that you are in immediate danger.

If I buy this system, am I able to ask for a Verizon modem rather than T-Mobile? Our home only has a Verizon signal and a weak Sprint signal – no T-Mobile or AT&T cellular signal at all. Any additionals costs for a Verizon system?

19.99 for tax? jeez

Yes, after it’s delivered and setup (or maybe even before with proof of purchase), just give Simplisafe a call and let them know you’re in an area with Heavy Verizon coverage, and T-Mobile won’t work for you. I had to do this outside of Atlanta, where the tower wouldn’t pick up a signal even in a top floor - in a window haha.

They basically send you a new wireless board, and some really easy to follow instructions on how to remove the tower cover and swap it out. As long as you use the return envelope to send them back the T-Mobile board you won’t be charged.

You can buy them separately like I did. It is a great system and highly recommend it. The monitoring station is a bargain at 14.99 and works when needed, even with the water sensor they have called me.

Can anyone confirm for me if you have to pay for the monthly service? will you still receive alerts if you do not pay for the monitoring service?

Highly recommend those thinking of buying the system go and browse the forums. Lots of good info there, and SS keeps it open and doesn’t go deleting negative comments. I’ve had my system for 18 months now without a single issue. 14 entry sensors, 2 water sensors, 2 glassbreak sensors, 3 motion sensors, 2 smoke detectors, keypad, 2 remotes, 2 105db sirens (inside and outside. HIGHLY recommended as the base just isn’t loud enough on it’s own.) I’ve only had to change the batteries in the sirens and keypad once. Everything else is still on it’s original battery.

Don’t forget to check for a discount with your insurance company. I save 10% a year, broken down over 12 months it pays most of my monthly (basic) monitoring. So I’m out about $4/month.

You will not receive any alerts unless you pay. You also need to subscribe to a monitoring tier higher than the base to get txt/email alerts.

The only way to get any kind of alerts is to subscribe to the monitoring. Text alerts start with the $19.99 package.
Without any monitoring (which isn’t required), you have just a basic local alarm. No signal will be sent out, anywhere.

You can get 10% off any system directly from SimpliSafe. 60-day money back guarantee and free shipping. Might avoid sales tax also.

Can your order more sensors to add on to this package? Would you just order them from the simplisafe website?

Yes you can. I have one of these systems for my small store. You can add sensors, alarms, etc., to your hearts content. I recommend SimpliSafe to friends and family

We installed this system in our new home and love it. Installation was simple using screws or command strips depending upon location. There are three tiers of paid monitoring ($15, $20, $25 monthly) with no contracts or you can use the system FOC for just the alarm feature. There are also add on items you can purchase such as Co2 sensors, water sensors, etc to pair with your system. The monitoring uses cellular technology independent of your land line or cell phone service. I believe the base system can function for up to two days without power and the rest of the system is wireless.

I almost forgot… upon installation you can download a form at their website needed by your insurance company as proof of use to lower your policy.

This system will also allow you to get Silent Alarms; you receive a text/email but the alarm monitoring company does not.

Very handy if you want to know when the kids come home from school or house cleaner arrives and leaves.

For a business it will tell you when the first employee opens up and when the last person locks up.

Each user has their own code so you know who they are.

However, for this service you must pay for the top tier monitoring, $25/month.

No, those are extra which can be bought directly from SimpliSafe ( but no CO detecters )