SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Pack
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TONS of pretty very reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Comments from a previous offer

It doesn’t appear to include a siren. Having been a police officer for 20 years, I know that burglar alarms are a low priority for dispatch. A siren does more to scare off a burglar than fear of police response.

The siren is built in to the base station.

Is this simplisafe 2? Or the older version?

If you are a member of Angie’s List you can get a better package for $199.

The Angie’s List deal includes the extra 105dB siren and freezer sensor.

Not sure if the link will work:

You can purchase a 105db siren ( ) as an add-on to the system.

I’d like to know that too. Is it the version 2 or the old version?

Helpful hint if you are going to run the USB setup on a Mac: Don’t

I bought a couple of these back in April (one for me, one for my parents), and since the software said it was OSX-compatible, I ran my setup off the Mac. The Mac version of the Simplisafe software apparently has a glitch where it will hang in Mavericks & Yosemite, and erase the flash drive keychain. There are long threads about it on their forums (as I later found out).

Restoring it was as simple as calling Simplisafe (which I had to do on a lunch break because their customer service is open from 9am-5pm), who restored the drive through the base station, and I was able to re-run the setup from a Windows PC to complete everything.

Otherwise, I’ve been happy with the system, and it has been easy enough to use for my senior citizen parents (i.e. I don’t get any phone calls).

TL;DR: Use Windows for the setup, unless you have an older Mac or never updated your OS in the last couple of years.

I bought this last time around and have been very happy with it. Setup was a breeze and we haven’t had a false alarm in the 2 months or so we’ve had it.

Could the “base” be set up in a basement closet so it would be harder to locate in a break in? Would the keychain remote work at a distance of ~40ft from the driveway to the basement closet?

Not really. In the basement it may not get cell phone signal to call in alarm. Plus nobody would hear the alarm them. If someone does locate it, there is nothing they can really do to it. Unplugging power or phone cord does nothing as it has cell backup and internal batteries. To get to the batteries is a few screws.

What level of member do you have to be? it would be worth it to join for a month of the basic plan($4.00) then cancel to get the deal.

there is a siren built into the base, but it isn’t especially loud. I highly recommend the extra 105db siren- one inside and one outside. The base stays silent during any entry delay. Once the alarm sounds, the signal has been sent to the monitoring company (subscription to monitoring is required). Monitoring as low as $14.99/month.
Check with your insurance company. I got a discount for fire and burglary monitoring- 10%. So the insurance discount pays for most of my monthly monitoring.

This has to be the 2. They haven’t sold the old version for a long time. Years I think.

You can add as many sirens as you like. I’d say the add on siren is mandatory unless you have a small apartment or something.

40’ no problem for keychain in my experience but we just disarm with the phone app. The keychain is the panic button / bedside arm / disarm if needed for some reason.

I have had Simplisafe for a couple of years now and it’s great. Just moved it to a new house and expanded it. Easy peasy.

It’s not perfect. No alarm is perfect. If the Ocean’s 11 crew wants your stuff they are gonna get it but this will nab the smash and grab idiots and give you a layer of defense while sleeping.

Re setup with the computer I use a web browser from iPad almost exclusively to set up and run mine. Can’t recall having to do anything else.

Also if cell coverage is bad in your area you can plug in a phone line. You can also do that as backup. And if only one cell company is bad in your zone ey can send you a different cellular card for the base to switch to better signal.

Customer line is not 24/7 BUT it is in the USA and actually helps.

The monitoring centers they use are also very good. I like that I have no contract but I pay for monitoring and full remote access from the app. I like that a lot. Forget to arm? Do it from your phone. Wonder if the garage door is shut? Check settings from the browser. Is AC on? Check freeze/ temp sensor.

Is this the latest version?

I just purchased the “better” simplisafe2 version from the link provided by gros0148. Thanks!

Also, if you purchase through angie’s list and use the promo code “ONEYEAR” you get an additional $10.00 off your order for a total of 189.99!

You get a better system (simplisafe2) AND an additional 105db external siren for a better price!

Thanks gros0148 for posting this deal!

The lack of a response from anyone at woot should answer your question…

This is the original version. The info listed under the “SPECS” tab mentions nothing of the new features offered in the Simplisafe2 base station or sensors.

Google “whats the difference between simplisafe and simplisafe2” and you will see side by side comparisons with the differences listed between the to versions.