SimpliSafe2 Wireless Home Security, 8 pieces

These are vulnerable to a simple replay attack, and SimpliSafe does not seem to be “alarmed” enough to fix it:

4.3 Stars over at Amazon

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One of my most favorite Woot buys. Easy set up. Works flawlessly.

I think you’ll get a better deal on the actual SimpliSafe website. An extra sensor, but no smoke or water alarm, in the package. I think they have a package deal now for $199. Well…i guess the deal is about the same, but I’d rather have an extra sensor since more homes already have a smoke detector.

Holy crap. For the same price I bought a 4-camera system with DVR from Sam’s and installed it myself.

Easy to install, yes…biggest complaints about mine so far:the “Sticky” installation version is basically using easy release 3M tape - which will fall off if you have a door you use with any great frequency. In addition, unless you pay for the “premium” features the web interface is largely worthless. You can see an alarm is going off but no easy way to see which sensor it is (unless you keep a list of serial #s handy)

Certainly cheaper and easier than going with an ADT or something similar, and monitoring seems to be on top of their game as well.

And that has what to do with anything? For the same price I took my family out for a nice dinner too…

This serves a completely different function than a camera/dvr setup (Which I’m still shopping for an open to suggestions on) - for example, your cameras may let you watch someone breaking into your house after the fact, but won’t help at the time. Likewise if you have a fire, your cameras won’t do much about alerting the authorities :stuck_out_tongue:

My point is that “I got cameras and a dvr for less than this!” is a largely ridiculous and irrelevant statement. Comparing apples to roast beef, so to speak.

I’ve had a SimpliSafe System for over 4 yrs and never had a problem with sensors falling off. Its awesome monitoring (especially for how cheap it is basic package $15 a month) and they are very much on the ball about dispatching when it goes off if they cant get a hold of you.

I don’t post here usually, just look and meander on, but I would not buy this. What good is a security system that can be fairly easily defeated? People should be made aware of its flaws.

I was about to post this same link. Apparently you can just record the PIN and play it back to turn the system off. I think they said the required equipment was even like $30 on Amazon and you just have to be in range of the wireless keypad. Most modern garage door openers are more sophisticated. That being said, it’s pretty cheap and use of this exploit is extremely rare at this point in time.

I’ve been waiting months for the SimpliSafe system to come back to Woot. Unfortunately, this is a smaller setup than the one I was hoping to see again.

That’s the 13-piece deluxe setup. If you have one available, Woot, I’d gladly buy it!

There was an open box of that kit offered last month, but it looks like there was exactly one available and I wasn’t the lucky wooter.

“your cameras may let you watch someone breaking into your house after the fact, but won’t help at the time”

Not entirely true. My security cameras have motion sensing as well as IR sensing for fires. 1 camera covers all the doors and windows in a room as well as the room itself. It saves the video to the cloud and sends me a text and email with still shots. Even the cheap systems do this nowadays. Take a look at Zmodo. Inexpensive and works fine. I’ve had mine for 3 years with no issues yet.

First of all, yes there is a vulnerability in the system that was posted recently. It’s not as easy as just “recording a PIN and playing it back”. There was specific hardware involved as well as custom programming that was done for the software used in the article I read. Anyway, the same exploit was posted for other wireless versions of popular systems over a year ago, so it’s not new to the scene, just new to SimpliSafe.
I’ve had my system going on 2 1/2 years, and all sensors were installed with the original 3M strips, and I have not had one sensor out of over 21 fall. (No screws were used either.)
My system has worked flawless, and I like that the environmental sensors (smoke, CO, water, freeze) will still be monitored regardless of system status. Forget to arm the alarm before leaving for work? You’ll still get a call if a smoke detector triggers (and they will even dispatch the fire department if they can’t reach you).
I like the basic monitoring- it does all I need. I don’t want to be bombarded with texts, and I don’t need access to change system settings all the time. I set my system up and it’s been unchanged for 2+ yrs now. It is nice to be able to upgrade when going out of town and then downgrade when we get back.
No contracts is a big plus. There are horror stories of people trying to get out of ADT contracts. And supposedly you don’t own the equipment either.

For those of you that are worried about hackers breaking into your Simplisafe system and defeating the PIN code, I believe there is a solution. Instead of the $15 monthly monitoring option, sign up for the $25 monitoring service.

With that you will get a text message any time your system is armed or disarmed. You can also use your phone or a computer anywhere to arm/disarm or monitor your system.

I’ve had Simplisafe for 3 months, and am very happy with it.

Read recent releases about this product. It can be hacked. It’s a mess waiting to happen for this company.

I get that this system does not require WiFi to communicate with-in itself - base, sensors, control pad - correct?


How does it communicate w/monitoring? Me? The “outside world” in general?

I am asking because I am looking to install in a “camp”. No internet, no cell tower coverage on any network but has power (most of the time) and has basic lifeline copper phone (POTS) service.

Currently just have a temperature monitor that dials out when the temperature in the camp drops below a set point and I can dial in to get a temperature reading. This helped in past incidences (tree limb through a skylight, bear tore through garage door) but I’d like to add water, smoke/fire/heat/CO2 & intrusion.

I am pretty sure that video is probably impossible - other than a self contained wired system that I would have to be physically present to see the video.

Maybe a good way to not get hacked is to not advertise you’ve got a Simplisafe system with the sign :slight_smile:

We’ve had ours for a year now. Since we lack a landline, it’s perfect for our situation. The only two drawbacks I’ve noticed are:

  1. Sometimes the sensors get “stuck” in an open status. The solution is to remove the sensor via the website and then re-add it. It’s happened to me I think 3 times. It’s literally 2 minute fix, still a little annoying.
  2. The motion sensors can be very pet-sensitive. We had ours downstairs, and set the alarm to test mode for a few days to see what would happen. Even though the sensor was up high, our cats somehow managed to trigger it daily.

Otherwise, for the cost of the system and monitoring, it’s a really great deal.

I’ve had a Simplisafe system for a couple of years now, and I’m very satisfied. I will admit, though, that I did not buy a Woot, but instead got a refurb system from the Simplisafe website, which had exactly the number and type of components I needed for a good price. It has been tested a few times (smoked up the house cooking bacon, one of my son’s friends with a key coming in without the disarm code, etc.). The monitoring service is prompt in calling. And no contracts, I can cancel the monitoring when I want and I own the equipment. I was pleased enough I bought a second system for my mom’s house.

I’m not too concerned with the vulnerability mentioned above, I don’t think the thieves that would be thinking about breaking into my house would be sophisticated enough to figure this out, hopefully they would just go to another house with no alarm system.

As far as the sticky tape, I have not had any fail. I actually knocked one off when I was moving something out the door, and I stuck it back up and it is still holding.