SimpliSafe2 Wireless Home Security, 8 pieces

It normally communicates with a cell signal through Verizon or T-Mobile, whichever has a better signal in the area. But I’m pretty sure it has the capability of being hooked up with a landline backup, so maybe they can use a landline for the primary/only method. Their website should have that information.

There is a connection for a landline, or you can purchase the broadband adapter if you don’t have a landline. Either will work as a backup to the cell connection.

Also, regarding the vulnerability, the “hack” is targeted toward SimpliSafe. So do as I do, and don’t advertise what system you have. Or get generic signs or for another company off ebay.
I don’t want to advertise anything about the security measures I employ.

And you can avoid the issue using the $24.99/month plan and use the app to always arm/disarm the alarm, as this does not require the transmission of a PIN between the keypad and base.
I myself am not concerned.

Most likely you would be a victim of some common burglar that will try to sneak in, or will just bust out a window with a readily available rock. They could ignore the siren and still grab some of your stuff before leaving. It’s not like the cops are just sitting outside your house waiting on your alarm to go off and respond.
That’s another point people forget- an alarm is a noise maker and a notification system (if you subscribe to monitoring). It doesn’t physically stop someone from robbing you. No, Ving Rhames doesn’t pop up in your front yard and threaten the would-be burglar. Misleading commercial by ADT.

can you make it call your cell phone instead of the call center? If you aren’t subscribed can you still be notified or is it only local at that point?

I’m about 2 years in with them. Alarm responses are lightning fast. My wife and I both have our phone numbers in their system so that, in the event of an alarm, they call each of us in turn to confirm what is going on.

I also have security cameras installed, but those don’t call 911 for you if you’re away from home and aren’t able to check the cameras with your phone (due to poor signal, etc).

It will only call the monitoring company. You cannot use it for “self monitoring”. You have to use the monitoring plans or it’s a local alarm only. But check with your insurance company- I get a 5% discount for monitored burglary and a 5% discount for monitored fire, so that covers most of my monthly monitoring fee. It works out to only a few dollars a month for the basic plan for me, which is well worth it.

I believe that if you don’t subscribe to a service with them, this system is basically a noise-maker. No app control, no cell notifications.

As a professional in the security field, folks should understand that there is NO alarm system that is absolutely hackproof. Your best security is physical… good doors/locks/etc. to keep a would-be burglar from choosing your place and/or being able to gain easy entry at all. They are lazy overall and want a quick score, and will pick the easiest target.

Scare tactics like loud sirens and dogs work well to scare burglars away quickly. Police response is a good backup but doesn’t always accomplish a lot, as the burglar is usually long gone by then.

Real life is rarely like Hollywood, very few burglars will have the knowledge or skills to try and override a home security system to break in… unless they have a lot of foreknowledge of the system, whether or not you are home, and certainty of quantity/location of valuables that are easy to carry and pawn (small electronics, jewelry, cash). The majority of burglaries and even vehicle thefts are accomplished through doors/windows that are unlocked and/or keys that are left available.

This is just general information, nothing specific about Simplisafe or any other model; although this ad has me seriously considering a purchase myself!

Side note: I found Simplisafe offers open box / refurb models here on their website. Their cheapest 5-piece package at $188 is similar to this one, but lacks the smoke alarm and water alarm.

It’s not that they’re not concerned, it’s just that there is nothing they can do about it. Existing systems are reportedly irreparably broken. The firmware can’t be fixed. Perhaps they’re planning a recall? Perhaps if you don’t put the SimpliSafe stickers everywhere, the system still has value if you don’t advertise you’re using a crippled security solution?

Actually, very few people have a smoke detector that contacts the fire dept. Compared to the annual losses from fire annual losses from burglary are minimal.

Cellular connection is through T-Mobile and is too weak in my location. SimpliSafe has a new Base Station that uses Verizon as their cellular provider. They are sending me a replacement Base Station. Once I receive the new Station I hope that will resolve the cellular connection issue.