SimpliSafe2 Wireless Home Security, 8 pieces

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SimpliSafe2 Wireless Home Security, 8 pieces
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Apr 26 to Wednesday, Apr 27) + transit
Condition: New


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Note Price Drop!
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Is this a new device that isn’t susceptible to the well advertised vulnerability?

Simplisafe is offering the same package for the same price, and inclunding free shipping, on their own webpage.

[MOD EDIT: Slightly different set.]

Nope, its a different package. This one includes a smoke detector and water detector but has two less entry sensors.

Me personally, I’m waiting until they come out with the new version that hopefully fixes the known vulnerabilities.

Prior to investing in a Simplisafe system be sure to read this article. Saving money is something we all strive to do, but be careful not to be purchasing a “false” sense of security. There are several more articles that go into greater detail.
You want a good system from a reliable brand, ideally with professional installation, and whenever possible the following: A Quality Assurance Program(guarantee of immediate response to any technical issues at no cost to you), a Performance Warranty(where the company guarantees a certain financial payout in addition to homeowners insurance if an alarm signal is ever missed or not dispatched and you have a burglary), and in an ideal world employees installing the equipment rather than subcontractors to avoid the “finger pointing game” if something goes wrong and your system does not perform as it should. Ie: The monitoring company blames the subs for incorrect installation, the subs blame the monitoring company for missing a signal…either way you still have a loss of property and your sense of safety.
This article just scratched the surface but it will make you think twice about who deserves your money and the safety of your family in their hands.

In a last bit of consumer advice: it is in your best interest to find a local company that sells, installs, and monitors their clients themselves from at least a UL Listed if not DOD approved monitoring station manned by qualified and trained employees.

FWIW, SimpliSafe has responded to this criticism:

I think there are many wooters less concerned about the monitoring side.

Many, like I, understand that alarm monitoring in most cases, is just a waste of money. I would much rather discourage burglars before they enter (or frighten them away when first they trip the alarm). Having the police show up 20 minutes after they left, doesn’t matter to me much and isn’t worth the extra expense.

I would agree there are situations where this is true, however there are variables that can make the difference. If you have monitored smoke or carbon monoxide sensors in the home and you have beloved pets, having the ability to get them out can be very important. Additionally it depends on the Police/EMS/Fire response time in your area. In small town suburban American response time can be minutes, which can make a difference in capturing the offenders. The average response time in my city is under 5 mins. With that in mind the security makes sense. In larger cities you will find the response time is prioritized based on whether the system also includes video or audio verification of the alarm beyond just a “door contact trip”.

Easy to install and program.
Customer support is good.
Long battery life (CR123a ones)
Works as intended (entry, motion, and panic)

The ones using AA batteries (alarm & keypad) needs to be changed yearly.
Motion sensors should not be installed facing windows. Otherwise, there will be a lot of false alarms.
I get a lot of door sensor errors on ones install on my garage door and patio sliding door. Simplisafe said the metal underneath is causing interference. Needs padding. Very annoying, as such IMPORTANT instruction SHOULD be listed in the manual, but are not.
Customer service is not 24/7, only the monitoring is.

Said the person that works for other security companies!

While I would have preferred to have initially received a good set, I have to praise Woot/Amazon for correcting the situation. Woot/Amazon promptly took action to correct the problem, and they did so immediately after I posted my experience with the order. I could not have asked for better customer service. The prompt and courteous way that Woot/Amazon took care of the problem is very rare these days!

I ordered this, but what I received is not as advertised. The listing claimed that it was “new”, but the unit I received had some of the packages already opened, and some of them were even missing box flaps that had been torn off. Most of the items were in a plastic bag labeled “ready for shipping” that had been completely torn open. While I don’t think any of the items had been put into previous service, the torn-open packaging leads me to conclude that this is likely a customer return, which I do not consider to be the same as “new”.
Even more concerning, there are items missing. The promised Keychain remote is missing, as is the yard sign, and window decals.
I am very disappointed in this woot.

I’m very sorry for the condition of the item. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.