Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security Starter Pack

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Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security Starter Pack
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Time to check out the product page and got questions? Check out the support page

Ask this old house installed one of these earlier this year. There is a link on this page to the video We installed our system today. System is very expandable. If you need more sensors and order from the company you can get a 10% discount with a code here

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I have one of these systems. Got it about 8 months ago. Works great, alarm is loud, quick responses from monitoring company. Install was simple as well. Easy to expand. If I didn’t already have one, I’d buy one.

Typo in the copy: “…SimplySafe’s motion detectors”

Have one - love it. The base station is hidden away so if would-be theives smash the keypad the alarm still functions (touted as ‘crash and smash’ protection by several companies).

Also worth noting that their customer service is weekdays only - this includes activations of monitoring service. Our system arrived on a Friday and complained that it had no signal all weekend. Come Monday morning everything connected up automagically and they called to say they received the test signal.

If you know what sensors you want it’s worth checking their site for refurb packages and addons. I ended up putting together a spreasheet to work out the best option for us. If there’s interest I can clean it up for public consumption.

First time I have seen price discounted. Have one and it works well but kind of stuck in the last century with no video capability.

They have sold a smaller package on woot twice before minus the louder siren and detector. I bought the first time and have been very pleased with it and the company.

Installation was a breeze, under an hour. I bought one for my parents I liked it so much and knowing how to install it now, it took half an hour.

I do recommend the loud siren this one comes with and bought mine separate so this is a great deal IMO.

One tip, for those who do not want to subscribe for service. The keypad will say not connected to monitoring, or something like that when not subscribed. If you call them they make it so that the message goes away to not let one know it’s not connected. If you ever want to subscribe later, just call them back. They are a very friendly company to deal with.

About a year ago I was in the market for a security system. I researched Simplisafe to death and was extremely close to ordering a system. The deal breaker for me was the lack of a glass break sensor. I checked several of the forum posts for upgrades and realized they ALWAYS promise products but can’t deliver. They set unrealistic release dates, which often end up being at least 2 years earlier than the actual release.

I’d rather a company perfect a product than ship out a defective system, but there’s something to be said for misleading customers. If you’re comfortable with the options as they are currently offered, then this might fit for your needs. Personally, I wanted a few things they kept promising but not delivering so I passed.

The glass break sensors have been available for a little while now, I’d say a few months from when I last saw it available.

That being said, I am aware of how long it took them to bring it to market. But with it being out now, in my opinion, that shouldn’t sway people from purchasing a very good, reasonably priced and easy to install system now.

I bought mine when I had my empty rental property listed for sale. I installed the Simplisafe system with no problems. Someone figured they would strip copper. They broke in the back door, the alarm went off. The second time, they broke in through a window, motion sensor triggered the alarm. Both time, alarm company and police responded. This alarm saved me several thousand dollars in repairs. This alarm is now at my home.


I would be interested in the spreadsheet…I could never say no to a well put together spreadsheet if you know what I mean :wink:

You need to check your local laws. Shortly after I purchased this system they responded to a break in. Wanted my code word, etc. I told them someone was in the garage and in my car and I needed the police. I was informed they don’t do that. All they do is exactly what they did, call and ask for the pass code.

So there I was, BIG guy in my garage, rifling through my glove box (scared the crap out of me), and no cops because I’m on the phone with simplisafe instead of the police.

In some jurisdictions, due to past problems, they can’t call the police for you.

I got my monthly dues refunded for the entirety of my ownership. We still use it, but we don’t pay for the service.

the door sensor batteries last a very long time; everything else you MUST remember to change every 11 months or so.

The keypad is awesome and so it the base station. It’s well built as far as my experience.

But please check local laws before you think they’ll send an officer.

I also have one of the Simplisafe systems. Although I didn’t get the woot deal before, it inspired me to do some research, and it seemed like the best fit for me. Best of all, NO CONTRACTS!!! I bought one of the refurb systems on the Simplisafe site which gave me a closer fit to all the pieces I needed. I opted for the $24.95/mo plan which lets it interface to our smartphones. The system got tested one day when a person who had previously stayed with us came by to pick up some of the things they had left, but he had not gotten the word we had installed an alarm. The monitoring company response was immediate. Very pleased. And having personally seen people with certain other companies having extreme problems over contract issues when moving and such, I will say again, NO CONTRACTS!

How sensitive is the motion sensor? I have a free-roaming, medium sized dog. Will I constantly be responding to false alarms, or is there a “pet setting” on the motion sensor?

They now have customer service 7 days a week.
I encourage anyone thinking of getting this system to visit the forums on the SimpliSafe website. They don’t delete threads if someone complains. It’s very open.
I have had my system for 6 months now and have been very happy with it. Zero issues so far.
Granted, the company has been slow in the past with new product releases, and the camera option is in the works, but they have also sourced a new investment recently that many of us think will help get the company rolling a little faster.

A few quick points on the system:
It is cell based, but you can connect a landline for a backup
All sensors are wireless, and you can only have one base per system.
Range is stated to be 400’, but realistically is less, depending on walls/objects
3 levels of monitoring, from basic ($14.99/month) to interactive app control ($24.99). No contracts, change when you want.
2 monitoring companies, it’s one or the other, but you can switch.
If you have indoor pets, the motion detectors may be a pain in the butt to set up so you don’t get false alarms.
It has 2 alarm modes: Home and Away
The auxilliary siren is a must- the base siren isn’t loud enough on it’s own. I suggest at least one extra inside and one outside.

There are 3 settings in the motion sensor. if the dog stays down low all the time (no stairs in range of the sensor), you can flip the sensor upside down and mount about 4-5’ off the ground. It will “look” straight out and up, instead of out and down. This allows the dog to move around on the floor, below the line of the motion sensor. Expect a little trial and error.

Batteries? How long do they last? What kind do they use?

I’d rather have the hassle of wireing everything then spending hundreds on batteries.

I’d be interested in your spreadsheet. I’ve been looking at simplisafe and was waiting for one to pop up on woot…been looking at their refurb packages as well, but don’t really need the freeze sensor or some of the other stuff you have to get.

Most sensors use either CR123 or AA batteries. I’ve been going 6 months now on my original batteries. Easy to replace too. The sensors slide onto a base plate, that is mounted to the wall with 3M strips or screws, so the sensor can slide off the base for easy battery replacement. I think the panic button uses a CR2032 or similar battery. Everything works when the power is out. The base has built-in rechargeable batteries that should keep the base running up to 48hrs (24 is probably more realistic), and automatically recharge when power is restored.