Simply Perfect Sheets

Amor chequea estas savanas!!!

Does anyone have these sheets from a previous Woot? “Soft” is rather subjective…my definition is SOFT almost satin soft. Not sorta-soft-good-enough-better-than-my-last-set soft.

It’s very possible to get nice soft sheets with a 400tc, but getting harder to find in recent years. Quality is just not there like it used to be.


Any response to my question below? Maybe you can ask the manufacturer? Have these sheets been sold in the past? If so, please send the links so I can look at the reviews.



We’ve sold them before - April woot-off, for example. I didn’t find any comments on them though.

We do personally source our sheets and select them for quality. They’re single thread sateen weave. They’ll be lighter and softer than a higher thread count sheet.