Simpson 2,800 PSI Gas Pressure Washer with Honda Engine

Very good Reviews over at Sam’s Club

Here they go again!

Check out the Woot reviews from last years fun!

I’m generally very “pro-Woot!” And not a complainer, but you should read the comments from last time. I really can’t believe they would sell this item again after the sh*t storm it caused last time.

I received one of these items in this woot, works well. A gas washer requires care when storing, as long as you know what you’re buying this is a good deal.
honestly, some wooters went from minor inconvenience to talking nonsense about attorneys general in about 24hrs.

Look back to the Feb 2016 comments…

Mine came without dial n wash. Simpson said it was no longer an option. The sprayer was obviously not the original and was marred up like it was drug across concrete. And then when I added oil it leaked all over the floor. Never been started and need to either bring it to a shop or repair myself. Simpson won’t go good on it because it’s an engine issue and not a pump problem. And it’s a refurb so warranty is different. Good Luck people. I’m normally a big woot fan.

for 199
you cant even get a Honda engine for that!

this is a great deal!

Yeah after reading the last fiasco that happened I’m not taking a chance (which sucks because I really need a pressure washer).

Too bad woot f’d up royally before

Hey all! Looks like the comments to previous sales you’re linking to are for different models.

I bought one of these (same model, not a different one) through Woot in February. It worked great the first 2 times I used it, and I really liked it. Unfortunately now it won’t run more than 2 - 3 minutes before the engine starts struggling and dies. The hassle of taking it in for service (even if covered by warranty) isn’t worth the savings. I recommend a hard pass and buy it from a retailer you can return to.

Were these refurbished by Simpson or a 3rd party? Has anybody confirmed that the 90-day warranty actually applies? And the linked 90-day wearranty specifically doesn’t cover the engine; should we assume that the engine is in no way warrantied?

This is a 3rd Party refurbished item. I’ll see if I can get more info on the engine/warranty.

I can’t decide if I am forgiving or not.

I didn’t experience any of the problems mentioned in the previous thread on this, but ≈$60 off what other internet retailers charge doesn’t seem worth the risk to me.

Sure hope I don’t get burned. Been looking for one with a Honda engine. new ones here range 300 and up for this model and even used ones off craigslist are asking about this same price offered here. Bought just to use on atvs when we run them before bringing them home.

I happen to need a pressure washer and in one million years, I wouldn’t be crazy enough to buy this after the feedback from the previous Woot. Go to Harbor freight:

Theirs is new and add a 20% off coupon available everywhere and you’re at $240 for a new one.

They are all Chinese, just different colors, options and engines (although all the cheap ones use similar Chonda engines (Honda knock offs).

$50 more you will get a new model at Costco and you will be able to return it with ZERO hassle

I wasn’t able to bring myself to face the risk based on past pressure washer refurb offerings by woot. I’ll be ineterested to see if they remedied their processes this time around.

Well, for your information, if you had read the entire posts, you would have seen that Woot sent out the wrong pressure washers, including models that were not even part of the 3, Simpson did not refurbish them, they would not warranty them, you could not return them, the customers got snide remarks from woot staff, and only after contacting the state attorney general and Jeff Bezos , was the matter resolved. I ordered a commercial unit with triplex pump and Honda GX engine, received a axial cam pump unit with Honda GV, leaking oil, wheels ready to fall off, a model number that Simpson did not even show in their listed models , past or present, for example.
You should not judge if you were not involved in this matter. Read all the posts and you will see that what you posted was premature.
Woot buyers are not stupid , and would not complain unless they were seriously screwed with.
Woot has been selling other pressure washers and generators since, that do not say you cannot return them. It is just with these Simpson “remanufactured” units they are pulling that “statement”. Makes you wonder…
As far as storing them, no kidding. I own 3 commercial pressure washers and they have over 12 years on them as they are serviced and properly stored. The complaints were about what they shipped us upon arrival, not after years of use.

Good luck with yours if you bought one.

Been using it for a month now. No issues. Nozzles were junk, got new ones for $10. Starts on 1st pull every time. Cleaned deck,siding, driveway. You just need to know how to use it and not blame the machine for ignorance.