Simpson 3,100PSI Honda-Powered Pressure Washer

Simpson 3,100PSI Honda-Powered Pressure Washer

The real feature of a power washer is how serviceable it is
There is an adjustable “mixing needle”

If that is not accessible and replaceable then just forget about that particular unit

You won’t get more than ayears life out of it

Bought this very unit, from woot, in “The great Pressure washer meltdown of 2014” (I think it was back that far). Use the washer a few times a year and it performs flawlessly, starts on the first or second pull, great for powerwashing my boat, my deck, even with my foam canon for my car.
you must disconnect the hose after each use, otherwise it’s fused to the pump(like mine). And if you use it for a long session it “walks” on the rubber foot which can leave marks on a deck or even walk itself right off your deck stairs. Otherwise I’ve been very happy with this washer. and I have no idea what a mixing valve is.

You can’t get a Honda gc190 engine alone for this price. It’s refurbished but typically the drop loaders in power washers fail, I can’t see this being an engine issue.

Worth it for the engine alone.

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I purchased this unit recently and have been pretty happy. When it arrived it did not have the tips for the spray wand. I contacted Simpson directly and they shipped a set immediately for free. It is important to use the Ethanol Shield additive. I do wish this had come with a detergent tank. There is a pick up line that works well but you will need to fashion some type of container to hold any detergents.

I just purchased and the machine came with no way to attach the handle to the base unit. I was/am disappointed. Now, Ill have to call Simpson. PITA.

I called Simpson and they are sending the bolts and knows that hold the handle on. If you call Simpson, no matter what you need, they need the serial number. Its the way they access the computer. Great customer Service though, very nice and friendly

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I’m glad they were able to help you! Sorry they didn’t send them the first time. :confused: