Simpson Gas Pressure Washer, Honda Engine

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Simpson Gas Pressure Washer, Honda Engine
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, May 07 to Monday, May 12) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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In spite of this machine being one of the great ones, buying this machine would make me very nervous. Remember that this is a USED machine and no one really knows exactly what kind of a past it had. This is a refurbished unit and no one knows what the manufacturer did to the unit to bring it back to original specs…maybe they did nothing except put it in a new package. By the way, the manufacturer can’t think too much of this machine, as they only offer a 90 day warranty.

If you like this machine as I do, you can buy one new at home depot for $359.99 and it comes with a FULL warranty. Buying this one at a savings of about 35% just is not worth it in my book.

I will add to your statement above that this particular unit does not have an oil drain plug. You have to tip it on its side to drain the oil. Its messy. How do I know this you night ask? I own one. Its an “all right” power washer but when it gets hot the pressure seems to dissipate with further use. The gas tank is to small as well. Always stopping having to fill up.

Thank you for the solid reviews Wooters! Im out.

A lot of bad reviews at Costco:

I just bought one of these a month ago from costco. It is awesome, BUT it clams to be easy to start which it is the first time. The second time I used it I could barley pull the cord. After a bit of research on the interwebs I discovered the trick! When you go to start this thing hold down the trigger on the cleaning wand as you pull start the engine. This will release the pressure and make it easy to start. If you do that then it will start easy every time. ENJOY!

I went electric and love it. Powerful enough for the toughest jobs, easy cleanup, no hassles filling with gas and changing oil. Starts the first time too!

That’s with any homeowner version power washer Chris, I’ve had Sears versions for years and they were the same way. I bought this unit at Costco last Summer and love it. I don’t see any drop in pressure when I use it over extended periods of time and the gas tank seems OK for my use. I mean, you have a can of gas and you fill it periodically. Very simple. I didn’t realize there was no oil drain plug as I haven’t gotten mine ready to go for the season. Thanks for the heads up on that. When I bought it, it was in the Costco monthly flier (I think $50 off) and I paid about the same cost as this refurb unit.

Good deal but if you watch out at Costco, you can get this new for about $259.00 Reg price is $299. I have to agree with another Wooter that you really don’t know why it was returned. Still, a good price

Ha! This happened to me also. Felt like an idiot but finally figured it out. Another trick is to leave the water off until it starts.

It’s in the 5/8/2014 - 6/1/2014 Costco Coupon Book @ $269.99 +tax, Limit 1, Brandy New.

At least Costco will stand by it for longer than 90 days.

I’d be interested to know what is breaking on these…

The Honda Engine is as good an engine as you are going to get…

The rest of it is essentially valves, pipes, and hoses…

Very tempting at $219…

I guess it could be a little cheaper though…Given $269 at Costco with tax…

Woot would really blow these out at $199…so to speak…

This is probably a good washer for the price, but two issues to be aware of. First, yes it is a Honda engine, but it is a GC version, which is consumer-grade. They are the cheap version of Honda engine that you see showing up in a variety of big box store equipment. The GOOD Honda engine is the GX version - that is what you typically find on professional or commercial equipment, or Honda’s own branded equipment. Second, the GOOD pressure washers are determined by their pump assembly. Good ones are easily rebuilt, can last a lifetime and will pay for themselves over time. However, those are typically over $500. Maybe Ridgid has a good one under $500…

I bought one of these on Woot Plus and regretted it greatly. The pieces weren’t all for the same machine, so I couldn’t even put it together. The air filter and the cover for the air filter cartridge were missing and the nozzles and frame were really scratched up. I contacted the place that sold them and so did Woot. Neither of us heard anything back. I am very surprised Woot is offering them again as even they couldn’t get a response from the company. After a month of trying to get resolution Woot finally allowed me to return it to them even though it is a gas appliance. I applaud Woot for doing what was right, but am sad they are still working with this company after the problems they had. I’m still waiting for my refund! Buy at your own risk!

I bought 1. It was shipped in “factory reconditioned” condition and not refurbished which means heavily used. The Honda sign is was worn off. The item was shipped and received in broken condition. Woot customer service is not being of any help; my worst shopping experience ever. Don’t trust anything “refurbished” because it really means heavily used.

What did CS tell you? It’s likely we aren’t able to take back this item because it’s gas-powered, they should have redirected you to the manufacturer for replacement/repair.

I love this unit, the only negative thing was the wand did NOT work and I had to purchase one at Sears, and now it works fine. Fast shipping !