Simpson Gas Pressure Washer, Honda Engine

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Simpson Gas Pressure Washer, Honda Engine
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jun 04 to Monday, Jun 09) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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5/4/2014 - $219.99 - 15 comment(s)

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Time to check out this handy pressure washer buying guide

And as always we offer fast, free shipping. Now that’s what she says at the end of the video, yet in the space above it says 5$ shipping. That being said I own one of these and I love it.

I was in Lowes yesterday and happened to look at this pressure washer while I was there. Actually the machine I looked at was 3200 PSI and it was brand new (not too different than this one). The selling price was $499.99.

The Honda engine on this machine is FANTASTIC! It’s a very high tech engine that features over head cam and this could be a first for small engines on consumer products. Nevertheless, at $220 it’s less than half the price of the new one I saw at Lowes. By the way, if you don’t know much about Simpson, they are one of the largest and highly respected manufacturers in the industry. I think this is a great price and a great machine.

This isn’t your commercial grade high quality Simpson, it’s a Chinese made unit.

A 1 star review on amazon mentions the poor location of the hose inlet, you can see it in woots photos. They also mentioned it is poorly built.

DO NOT PURCHASE. I bought 1 and a defective item was shipped. The item is listed as refurbished when in fact it is RECONDITIONED… Meaning heavily used. Woot customer service has NO PHONE NUMBER. They have done nothing to help me. I have sent over 20 emails and am not getting responses. I asked for a refund within less than the 21 days their policy stated and they HAVE DONE NOTHING to help. I now have a $219 item that is useless!!! DO NOT BUY FROM WOOT!!! spend the extra money and get a new one because you will regret doing business with them.

They’re currently selling these at Costco for $299.99 with a $30 instant off coupon for $269.99 out the door. (I think the sale ends today?) It’s more than what Woot’s selling them for, but they’re new, they have the mfg’s full warranty, and you have Costco’s super accommodating return policy on top of that.

I’ll add that the difference between a product which has been ‘refurbished’ and one which is ‘reconditioned’ is merely semantics - they mean essentially the same thing. You might as well argue that it’s not red, it’s CHERRY red.

I just picked up a Briggs & Stratton 3000 psi - I’m happy with it. This one, with 3200 psi, will clean pretty much anything you want.

On another note, respect the power of 3200 psi - it WILL cut you.

What should one do ?..
I want to buy this pressure washer but severely warned by others not to do so !
Who to listen to ?
Would I be totally ripped off with no recourse and was pre warned…or…totally satisfied with a great deal.
Any advice would be appreciated.

One of the ones I purchased arrived covered in oil. When I saw the oil stain on the outside I should have refused it. The spark plug was already fouled. I regret purchasing.

I bought one of these from woot a few weeks ago…

PROS: It is GREAT and near perfect condition! I am VERY Happy with the item, just not happy with the very short warranty.

CONS: Yes the water intake is in a poor location, but a lot of pressure washers have that issue. THis item was at my local costco for $269 the week after I bought from woot. I would have rather bought new for the small price difference, just for the better warranty.

Here is the costco link today:

Someone else just said the costco sale is still happening… do that instead of woot!

Do not for the love of your money purchase this Simpson Gas Pressure Washer. Costco sells a Simpson Pressure washer and a good portion of the customer reviews give this a 1 star for good reason. Woot is just trying to offload this merchandise. See costco weblink with reviews.

Good point…and, if you use your Costco AMEX, I think you get an extra year added on top of whatever the manufacturer gives you on a new unit. Might be handy to have on something like a power washer.

Given the pretty sketchy reviews, if I really had a burning desire to buy this unit, I’d want max return flexibility and max warranty coverage.

Hey Wally, go to Mernards, Home Depot or Lowes and bring your smartphone. While at whatever store, check the reviews before purchasing. DO NOT purchase this junk. I will repost the costco reviews that goes into this AWFUL simpson pressure washer below. Good luck!

I will simply post the costco reviews here once more for people so they can see how aweful Simpson Honda pressure washers are.

Yesterday, I used the Blackmax (Honda engine) that I bought here last year for the first time. Put some oil in, then filled the gas tank. One pull - started right up. No priming, no drama, no fireworks. One pull and I was pressure washing the wasp nest in the peak 20+ feet over the garage. 2400 psi - the wasps were outgunned. I was impressed.