Simpson Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Gas Pressure Washer

Awesome Idea!

Set up a pit toilet in the back yard and use this with a leaf blower to make a 3000 PSI homemade bidet toilet seat… If that doesn’t get’cha clean, nothin’ will

comedy gold.

Middle School, maybe.

Imma pressure warsh the snow outta here!!


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The Simpson 90-day Limited warranty is confusing, to me. The heading states that the pump is excluded, however within the body of the warranty details it states that the pump is warrantied for 90-days.
The warranty goes on to basically state “you buy it, it breaks, it’s your problem to pay for fixing”. Seriously, some of the reasons for voiding the warranty is basically using it. Water quality? Exposure to excessive humidity. I live in the deep South, the humidity is almost always excessive.

does woot serve booze or weed to forum mods?

ayuh, you’re reading this correctly…the warranty covers the wand, the hose, the cart, the wheels and that’s about it. the engine warranty is from honda(that’s basically what you’re buying). The washer has an axial pump and is made for homeowners, always the weak link. You really need to consider the viability of getting warranty service on a $230 pressure washer…where is the nearest service center? do they charge to diagnose? and are you really likely to have problems within 90 days?
I have an older version of the 3200 psi model and it has performed well since I got it from woot a few years ago. you need to take care of it, remove the hose when not in use, run the thing dry before long term storage. it’s a good washer but I wouldnt’ plan on any factory service…if the pump cracks and the motor is strong I’ll buy a triplex pump for it. If I was worried about a warranty I’d buy at a big box store with a more liberal return policy.

you have to go back a day and read the oft-edited comedy post by this user about bidets.

I bought one of the 3200 psi units a few weeks ago when they were on Woot.

It came right away and I decided to test it as soon as I got it. The machine would not generate any pressure at all, and was missing the part that holds the high pressure hose on the frame. I reached out to Woot and they made it right, but I was really frustrated that Simpson sold me a unit that hadn’t even been looked at.

I took it to a local repair shop and they said the pump was completely gone. Simpson wouldn’t fix it since I had been refunded money by Woot. The cost of a new pump was $204 but I found a new pump on Amazon for $140.

The Honda motor is great but the pump they sent was junk and had been ruined either by hot water being run through it, or it being ran without using the trigger to release pressure for at least 10 minutes (according to the repair shop)

If you order one, be sure and check it right away! If you wait until Spring you may be too late to get either Simpson or Woot to help you with it…

Apparently the pump is the weak link, as the limited warranty implies. Water too cold/hot, warranty void. Humidity too high that day, warranty void. Pressure warshin snow, warranty void. Using it as a bidet for swamp-ass, warranty void. Stern talking to… warranty void.
I’ll wait for the $20 price drop before purchasing… Triplex pumps aren’t cheap :wink: